Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 17: The Hulkster's In The House

Ah, yes, good call. Added.

Stupid NPC Name Count: 5

It's been a long time since I played the law route, but if I remember correctly, the fight with him in that chapter comes later, near the end of that chapter actually, and is a lot harder. Mostly because Aloser helps Vice fight against you, and she's a fucking monster. Good when she's on our side, but very bad when we're fighting her. She doesn't join our party either. The Law route in general is harder than the Chaos route.

Vice Bozeg- 17 years old: A chief of Walsta Liberation Army Third Guerilla Unit.

Shouldn't that be "guerrilla?"

Born in the port town of Griate. Walstanian. One of the commandos who participated in the Baramus massacre. His acts proved him to bee loyal to the Liberation Army.




God damn it, Atlus, how could you mess up "be"!? Is that so hard to translate!? Is that so hard to type!? I mean, c'mon!



Duke Ronway gave him the position as leader of his troops.

We'll be finding out a lot more about Vice's childhood later in this chapter.

...Anyway... Belgger becomes a berzerker. Delta becomes a ninja. I give him the spell Ice Blast; if you remember, ninjas can have one spell. Bruno becomes a beast tamer.

I level up Aloser to level 11 with everyone else. She's an awesome archer, but I only have room for two, so sorry, Julia, you're out. Area has 140 attack with her bow and Aloser has 142. Julia has 133. Yeah, definitely out. Sorry, we've enjoyed your time with the Liveblog team. I make Julia into an amazon to differentiate her from the others. Now 3/10 members of our squad are NP Cs. We're gonna get more soon.

Krizar time.

Our position. Freesia is at 1, Belgger is at 2, Area is at 3, Bruno is at 4, Leon is at 5, Orcus is at 6, Aloser is at 7, Canopus is at 8, Presance is at 9, and Delta is at 10.

We are confronted by Ganashe.

Stupid NPC Name Count: 6

They seem to be holding a knight hostage.

"Here comes the hero of Griate. Vice was right."

Ganashe walks over to the hostage.

"So you're one of Orcus's men."

I would correct this as Orcus', but the game couldn't calculate for names ending with S so I'll let it by.

The knight is silent. Yep, never seen him before, but hey, he has a special portrait, so he must be important.

"Look, we have one of your knights aptive. Too bad."



"Who is he?" asks Orcus. "Do you recognize him, Kachua?"

"No, I've never seen him before. You never send anyone on scouting missions."

Wait, what kind of moron sends a knight to scout when ninjas are at your disposal?

Ganashe tells his men to take the random knight away.

And here comes one of the funniest errors in the game.

"This is where you die will you traitor!"

And with those chilling words, the battle begins.

The music.

This battle is really easy. Every single enemy is a knight except for one wizard, which may seem overwhelming until you realize knights kind of suck ass in comparison to beast tamers and berzerkers. Just work your way down here to the boss. It's pathetically easy. C'mon, game, give me a challenge!

Trust me, it will be providing plenty challenge later. Heh heh heh.


There will be no laughs later. Only screams of frustration.

So anyway, this map has the exact same structure as our second battle, with Mordoba. Good times, eh?

Also, there's an enemy named "Bugsy."

Stupid NPC Name Count: 7

There's also an enemy named "Hogan".

You know what, I don't care, we don't even have to use him, somehow, someway, we're fucking recruiting Hogan.

I don't give a shit about "Bugsy," however.

This battle is easy, but it's long. Really long. Every. Single. Enemy has a Cure++ leaf.

My men bring Ganashe to low health, and yet we haven't got Hogan yet, so I heal Ganashe. Yes, I just healed a boss.

The Hulkster's in the house!

With my goal completed, I kill Ganashe.

Ganashe: I-I can't believe it, defeated by a traitor...

We get 1800 Goth, 1500 extra Goth, a Cure+.

And most importantly, Hogan! Also, note his crossbow. That's one of the reasons I recruited him (yes, it wasn't just for comic relief); that crossbow is one-handed and is more powerful than short bows, but can't shoot in an arc like other bows. A good ranged weapon for a main fighter who'll be on the front lines or on rooftops. You can't buy it yet either.

The hostage knight introduces himself.

"A knight of the Valerian Liberation Front."

Remember them? The girl we saved way back in Chapter 1, Sisteena, was a member.

"The Valerian Liberation Front? That was the army Sisteena belonged to..."

I just said that, Kachua, but thanks anyway...

"Oh, so it was you who saved Sisteena in the city of Rime," Forcas says. "I heard that you're in quite a jam. I never thought I would meet you here."

"Please excuse us, but we don't have time to talk," Orcus says. "The Duke's army is after us. We have to meet up with Sir Lans in the city of Rime."

So wait, you're trusting Vice's word!? What the hell is wrong with you!?

"How do you plan to go to Rime?" asks Forcas.

We're walking, genius.

"With the power you have right now, you couldn't break through the guards at Tanmas. You're too reckless."

Oh. That's what you meant.

"But we just can't sit..." Orcus begins.

"I have a suggestion," Forcas interrupts. "I want you to help me rescue my comrades who were captured by pirates. When we get our ship back from them, then we can take you to Rime. Not a bad deal, eh?"

"It sounds almost too good..." mutters Kachua.

"Well, the way I see it, you don't have any choice. Am I right?"

I guess.

"He does have a point, it's a bad idea to take the road there. Maybe a ship would be the safest way to go..."

"The pirates are at Fort Kadoriga. There's not that many of them."

Sweet. Should be easy.

"I guess my options are pretty limited," Orcus concedes. "OK, I'll help you."

"Thank you. You won't regret it."

I better not.

As he walks out the door and we prepare to follow him, Kachua asks, "Do you believe him? Remember, he's a member of the Valerian Liberation Front."

"We have no choice but to go by his word, Kachua."

"He's taking advantage of our situation... I don't like this."

"Don't say that. He's pretty desperate too..."


"Did you know that you always complain when things don't go your way? You can be such a baby."

Orcus walks out the door, leaving Kachua in silence. I feel a rift between brother and sister developing...

Next time: we assault Fort Kadoriga!