Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 15: Zapan

Sorry for the delay.

I level up everybody to level 9. I'm overlevelling a bit; all the enemies in the next battle are level 8; but hey, it's better overlevel than underlevel, right?

I change Orcus to a beast tamer, Delta to a knight, and Belgger to a beast tamer.

Time for the next battle.

Our position. Presance is at 1, Belgger is at 2, Julia is at 3, Canopus is at 4, Leon is at 5, Orcus is at 6, Area is at 7, Bruno is at 8, Freesia is at 9, and Delta is at 10.

Aloser doesn't fight with us.

We are confronted by a berzerker named Zapan. "It must be my lucky day! I just found 30,000 Goth!"

Bounty hunter, then...

"He doesn't look like much of a bounty hunter. He's kind of flabby around the mid-section..." observes Kachua.

Zapan, somehow able to hear her even though they're a field apart and it's raining, laughs and says, "Ha ha ha! What a feisty one! If I were you, I'd watch that tongue of yours! But don't worry, I won't hurt you. I will spare your life, sweetheart. I'll take 'good' care of you..."


"Well, shall we begin? Hey, don't let them get away!"

Victory Condition: Kill The Leader

This is a marsh. The fight with Ganb took place in a marsh too, but it was so short I didn't really talk about it. Marshes, of course, have lots of water. Most units can't go in water. Whether a unit can go in the water or not depends on class.

This screen shows whether or not a unit can go in water. See that text in the southwest? It simply says "fast," nothing about going in water. This means Orcus can not go in water, because he is a beast tamer.

Look at the screen for Area. As you can see, her movement abilities are "fast" and :underwater." Underwater means she can go in the water; however, when she does so, she sinks, reducing her stats greatly while in the water. If we had a ninja, he can literally walk on water without incurring any negative stat adjustments.

My strategy for this battle is to have my troops head over here. This area has lots of solid ground, and some higher elevations to boot.

Leon will be very helpful in this battle because it is raining; along with giving his Thunder spell more damage, the rain also increases it's radius to a cross, as seen here.

As you can see, about half the enemies are trying to flank us, while half are meeting us face on. I decide to target this hawkman first, who has a great bow. Canopus shoots at him and hits for 51 damage.

The dragon attacks Canopus with Ice, which does 24 damage and puts him to sleep. God damn it.

Also, the dragon's name is "Potete." This amuses me.

A hawkman one-hit kills Kachua from the flank. She's still level 2 since we can't train her. Oh no, how could we go on without her?

The enemy reaches my flank. Luckily, I prepare for this and made sure Orcus was in a good position to defend my healers while simultaneously attacking the dragon.

Delta picks up a dexterity card from a hawkman we killed.

Orcus kills the dragon from the side. By now, everyone is a clusterfuck on the side I went to. However, I have the advantage, as most of the enemies that attacked us head on are dead, and the enemies that attacked us from the flank have water on their side of the field, decreasing their movement range.

Leon picks up a mentality card.

Julia is low on health, as I foolishly put her too close to the flanking enemies.

The last remaining enemy that attacked us head-on is killed by Canopus, leaving only flankers.

By now, we are a massed jumble, fighting off the flankers. When someone is wounded, they simply retreat back into the cluster to be protected and receive healing.

Leon casts Thunder, picks up a mind card, and in doing so is put into a protective cluster I formed with some of my troops to protect the card at the same time. Hit three birds with one stone, I guess.

Zapan jumps across some water, steals a mind card, and attacks Canopus all to once. Damn it, Leon could have used that mind card!

Orcus kills the hawkman, leaving only Zapan.

Canopus reduces Zapan to 15 HP.

"Shit, I underestimated you. How stupid of me! I shall retreat for now!"

He pulls an Escape crystal out of his ass and uses it to get out of there.

We get 2100 Goth.

The next battle is filler, so I won't transcribe it.

However, I'd just like to note what the boss says at the beginning: "Don't they belong to the Liberation Army? Damn it, there's no place to run. Wait a second. You look familiar...! I saw you on a reward picture in Walsta. So you're the kid who wiped out Baramus! You sneaky little cretin! You blamed us for your own evil deeds! I will send you to hell!"

This is the beginning of a theme in this game, that many people you fight are not bad people at all. This man simply wants revenge for ruining his country with Ronway's lies; that's not that sympathetic, but later on, they really play up the sympathy level of those we fight.

That's one of the things I like about this game. Your enemies feel a lot more human. The only fight with sympathetic enemies in FFT was that one where you were forced to fight those veterans who just wanted to go home. FFT really suffered in the "gray and gray morality" aspect with it's lack of boss death quotes.

Also, there's an enemy named "Boner."



Really? Boner?


I thought "Aloser" was bad.

Leon kills the boss.

Genzo: Wh... why do I have to die here? This is the end... argh!

I get 2750 Goth.

Next time: we finally get to Tanmas Hill to talk to Lans!