Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 14: Misunderstandings

Last time: declared criminals, we embark on a quest to get Lans Hamilton on our side.

Canopus, you say? Okay, here we go:

His last name is "Wolff." He is 48 years old. Former Zenobian Beast Army Chief. Born in the city of Parcival in Sharom. He was stripped of his rank and exiled from the country by King Tristan of Zenobia. After he joins the Walsta Liberation Army, he is welcomed into Orcus' band of soldiers.

Some more history from the original Ogre Battle, the game this game is a sequel too; in that game, you played as "Destin," leader of a Zenobian resistance group. In the game, you gather party members like Warren, Lans Hamilton, and Canopus. A little while in the game, you meet Tristan, the exiled prince. The canon ending has him come to power after the corrupt Zenobian government is overthrown. Thus, it would make little sense that he exiled Warren, Lans, and Canopus, who helped him into his position of power. Strange...

I equip Area and Julia with the great bows; they're two-handed, so no more swords as backup weapons. I give Freesia the Life staff. It can be used as a weapon, and it can also be used as an item to recover HP. I give Presance the Clear staff, which can be used as a weapon and can also be used as an item to recover from Poison. I unequip the chain mail and give it to Delta, changing Orcus back to a leather jerkin. I also give him the heavy hammer and some battle boots. Belgger gets a Cure++. Area gets some battle boots. Battle boots give +4 to AGI and +4 to RES.

The shop has some new spells. I give him Thunder to replace Acid and Incubus to replace Fire Burn. I'll say how Incubus works for us next battle; I might switch it back to Fire Burn. Thunder is definitely better than Acid, though. I give Canopus a Phlanka axe. I change Bruno to a berzerker and Delta to a beast tamer.

I train up all my guys to level 8.

The next battle has some story, so I'll transcribe it. It's also the first time we fight enemy hawkmen. Canopus is a special kind of hawkman called an eagleman.

We are ambushed on our way to Zodo Marsh.

Presance is at 1, Belgger is at 2, Julia is at 3, Delta is at 4, Leon is at 5, Orcus is at 6, Area is at 7, Canopus is at 8, Freesia is at 9, and Bruno is at 10.

We are immediately confronted by a young lady. She says she's been looking for us and she'll kill us.

"A bounty hunter!?" shouts Orcus. "I can't afford to lose my head yet. Sorry..."

"I'm not a bounty hunter. I'm paying you back for what you did in Baramus!"

(Yes, her name is "Aloser." Really? Really? God damn it, translators.)

"A survivor of Baramus! Hold on, and listen to my story!"

"You son of a bitch!! Shut up! I will avenge the death of my brother!"

Victory Condition: Kill The Leader

Probably the biggest threat in this battle is the boss herself. She is very powerful, has good movement range, and good attack.

One of the hawkmen are killed. Archers can reach the rooftops with their bows, luckily.

Orcus gets some exposition when his turn comes up. "Wait! I did not kill the people of Baramus! I was there, but I tried to stop the massacre!"

"Do I look that stupid to you!? Why did you betray Walsta!?" Exposition ends.

They have healer, who heals a soldier I was focusing my efforts on. Damn.

"My brother injured his foot while working in the mines. He couldn't even walk. And yet you guys..."

Aloser hits Orcus... for around half his HP! Holy fucking shit!

"Duke Ronway was the one who gave the order to kill everyone in Baramus. It was not the Gargastans!"

"No you are blaming our great leader! How dare you!"

So... this is how far Ronway has manipulated people... taking advantage of the death of loved ones and fueling it into the driving force behind his rebellion... that's... that's disgusting...

Kachua pipes up, "It's no use. She will not listen. We have to fight."

I would suggest you focus all your efforts on Aloser. Training is boring, but you can use that to get to level 10. This battle is pretty difficult, and Aloser is really tough. Yeah. Focus on her.

A hawkman one-hit kills Kachua. She says she has to run away and uses an escape crystal. Because she's important to the plot, she doesn't die. The hawkman is brought down by my two archers.

The healer keeps healing Aloser, so I send Canopus to distract her by attacking her; this will mean she will keep healing herself, not Aloser. The witch keeps poisoning us. We kill the knight.

Denim and Delta were hanging by a thread when Belgger reduced Aloser to 13 HP.

"...I guess this is it..." she whispers. "I'm sorry, bro. I failed to avenge you... go ahead, kill me! Kill me like you did to the rest!"

"At this point, I can do whatever I want with you," Orcus tells her. "But, I won't take your life."

"Wha... what do you mean? It's no use to take me as prisoner."

"No... I want to prove to you that I'm innocent. I want you to see with your own eyes and listen to me with your own ears. You must know the truth. After that, if you still think I'm the enemy, then I'll let you take my life."

...Whoah... that's a little extreme...

"You can't deceive me... do whatever you want."

"...Very well."

We get 1150 Goth, 2400 extra Goth, and Aloser as a guest!

Next time: we continue the quest!