Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 6: Presance Kicks Ass For The Lord

Last time, we fought a filler battle. Simple, no?

Equipment upgrades: Penelope has, along with a new "spear" (I've been calling it a lance, I'm sorry), some battle boots. It gives some points to MEN and VIT. I give Orcus the battle boots, taking out his blue necklace.

Everyone has a regular cure leaf except for Orcus, who doesn't have enough room, Freesia, who has a Cure+++ (heals a lot more), Leon, who gets a Cure+ (heals a bit more), and Canopus, who gets the blessing.

As I said before, all death is permanent. However, this rare gem bypasses this, bringing the user back to life when he dies. It can only be used once, and it's rare, so use it wisely!

I proceed to train my guys to level 4. I was wrong, you can change classes at level 5.

Time for the next battle!

Here's our position. Dorony at 1, Julia at 2, Bruno at 3, Leon at 4, Freesia at 5, Orcus at 6, Area at 7, Canopus at 8, Belgger at 9, and Delta at 10.

We see it is night, raining, and there are a bunch of undead, including skeletons and ghouls.

We see in the middle of the ghouls and skeletons is a preacher named Presance. He expresses disgust our enemies would use dead souls in this matter and casts a spell on a skeleton, making him dissipate. You see, this guy is the only one who can kill these undead; if we kill them, they'll pop up again after a few rounds. Only his special spells can keep the undead down.

He says reinforcements will show up soon. Hooray, badass priest is on our side!

The witch, Mordoba, who is the boss, says Leonard and his men are in the house behind her and are caught in a sleeping spell; when they wake up, they will become ghouls. Oh no! We have to save Leonard!

Victory Condition: Kill the Leader

Here's a link to the music, as apparently you can't post two Youtube videos in one post.

We have a special thing we should do in this battle; we are supposed to make sure Penance doesn't die, as he's a guest. If he does die, the game goes on, but it's pretty easy to keep him alive.

A ghoul attacks Penance. Remember that spell that Warren was casting? The one that does good damage and has a chance to set the enemy to sleep? Well, now the enemies are using it. Great.

Luckily, it doesn't inflict sleep.

Canopus' turn!

Canopus, Freesia, and Leon will go down this way, joining up with the others here. The rest will continue down this way, killing any enemies in their way. Everyone will meet to go across the bridge and kill the boss.

Let's do this.

I send Canopus down his assigned path. Presance the priest moves. Holy crap! This old geezer just hit a skeleton with a cane for 31 damage!


No, I do not regret that.

Everyone does what they need to do. My men kill a skeleton, but he'll revive if Penance doesn't cast his spell.

...Of course, now he can't, because the ghoul just hit him with Incubus again and inflicted sleep on him. Fuck. Kachua heals Penance. Good job, sister, now all you need to do is stop whining and I might start caring for you!

The witch tries to stun Leon, and misses. Witches cast mostly status-changing spells, which mostly miss. If they do hit, however, it's a pain in the ass...

Leon kills the ghoul. Go, Leon, go!

The teams have converged by this point.

A skeleton revives from behind us and is able to attack Kachua! I send Delta and Area to deal with it.

By now, everyone is attacking the boss. She casts a stun spell on Canopus, actually hitting! You bitch, you don't fuck with Canopus and live!

Freesia kills the boss, backing her into a corner.

Mordoba: Lord Nybbas... have you abandoned me? Gee, what do you think, toots?

I get 1300 Goth and the Stun spell.

Leonard thanks us for saving him. He says he was taken by surprise and most of his men are dead. Presance says Nybbas is hiding in a fort nearby. Leonard says they should attack, Presance says they should go back to the castle. They say they will let us choose. I'm going to attack Nybbas, as it's another battle and thus more EXP.

Sara the archer,Voltel the knight, and Presance join our party, with Leonard coming as a guest.

Next time: we prepare to fight to Nybbas!