Viva Piņata! Filled with pun, filled with pun!


Day 4

Uh oh! A Sour Shellybean has appeared. It does so at level 4, and visits at level 5. It'll convert into a normal resident when it eats an apple seed, but will eat any seed it finds until then.

A Raisant has also appeared. It, too, appears at level 4, visits when there's a fruit tree of any kind in the garden, becomes a resident upon eating 3 fruit of any kind (unsure whether this means they all have to be the same kind, or if they may be of different kinds), and are ready for romance when they've eaten a jar of honey and have a Raisant house.

Fannie Franker introduces herself. She has a mailbox for a head. You'll only use her services when dealing with other Xbox Live gardeners.

A Bunnycomb became a resident! I get the achievement "Collector". I name it Miyako.

A Squazzil appears! That's because I have at least one level 3 piņata resident.

They visit when I have a hazelnut tree, become residents when they've eaten three hazelnuts, and are ready for romance when they've eaten 2 blackberries.

I seem to have unlocked a new chapter in the storybook.

A Buzzlegum appears! This is thanks to there being 2 buttercups in the garden.

It'll visit when there are 4, and become a resident when there are 6. For romance, it needs to have two pieces of fruit and the other thing.

A hunt has started! To protect one piņata from another, I have to whack the predator with a shovel, douse it with water, or separate them with a fence (fat lot that'll do if the predator is a bird). In this case, it was a Syrupent chasing a Mousemallow. By the time I figured it out, I was too late. The Mousemallow had been broken open, spilling candy.

In happier news, the Syrupent became a resident. I call it Miura.

I find another Taffly resident, which I name Kiyotaka. I start a Taffly home for them.

A Pretztail visits... and breaks open a Bunnycomb. Bye, Miyako...

I gain the achievement "Green Fingers", which makes my 3rd achivement. Jardinero upgrades my shovel to a seed shovel.

The builder finishes just about in time for morning to come.

Next time: Day 5!