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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya III

Okay, back to the part of the story where Kyon is in Yuki's apartment. He repeats her statement that she's an alien. She gives her mission: observe Haruhi and report back to the DITE. She's been doing this since her creation three years ago. It's been peaceful, with no uncertain factors, but irregularities have started appearing. To wit: him.

(OP: "Bouken desho desho?")

The Earth held no special value to the DITE, but its current inhabitants developed something that could be considered intelligence. (Japanese text of varying sizes appears, translated as "Information Thought Entity: ultra-intelligent astral life form born with space itself from the universe's information sea enlarges and enriches with the expansion of the universe exists only as information, so it can't be observed optically".) This increased the significance of the planet. They figured humans might be able to help overcome the inert evolution they were experiencing. She states that it's common for organic lifeforms throughout the universe to develop a consciousness, but humans are the only ones whose consciousness evolved into intellect. The DITE kept observing, and noticed an abnormal flare-up of data on the planet's surface. It started at one end of a bow-shaped archipelago (suppose it could be... Japan?), then quickly enveloped the entire planet and surged further outward into space. And Haruhi was at the center of it all. For three years, a number of investigations have occurred, but she's still an enigma. One section of the DITE is devoted to analyzing her; it's believed that she'll be the key to humankind's evolution, and the DITE's, as well. Due to the DITE being astral, it can't directly communicate with humans, as it doesn't use language, and humans can't communicate without it, so interfaces such as Yuki were created. One thing they have observed is Haruhi's ability to manipulate the environmental data around her to her own benefit. It's why both of them are there.

Okay, Kyon's lost. I guess if you can't pause the conversation to take it in, it would be easy to get lost. Kyon wonders why she's revealing her identity to him, whether he believes it or not. Wittingly or unwittingly, Haruhi chose him. (Nandedaro anata wo eranda watashi desu...) And she can turn her will into absolute data. They have the possibilities in their hands. Kyon gets that she's serious. He's also amazed that the silent one had finally started talking, but what she was saying sounded crazy. He says that she'd be ecstatic if you went and told her these things. Kyon finds himself confused by it, himself. The DITE, however, figures that if she were made aware, it'd create a catastrophic event, so they've just got to observe without her knowing it. Kyon brings up that he could just go tell her, but Yuki says she doesn't takes seriously the information he gives her. Kyon admits to the veracity of that statement.

She also reveals what she's already alluded to: there are other entities like herself. There's also another section of the DITE determined to use more proactive methods with Haruhi to observe the fluctuations of data. She states that he is the key to Haruhi so if there's danger, he's the first target.

Kyon's outta there.

Kyon's lying down. He looks at the "Hyperion" book he was lent. He notes that's she's always reading that stuff, and guesses that's where it all comes from. He figures both Yuki and Haruhi need to chill out.

The next day, Haruhi is extra-excited because there's finally a mysterious transfer student. Kyon brings up that she hasn't seen him, and asks how she knows he's mysterious. She explains again that someone who transfers in this strange in-between time is likely to be mysterious. Kyon wants to know where she got her statistics, because if it's true, and you take into account all the mysterious people in Japan, then everyone would be considered...

Haruhi runs off to check him out, leaving him to not complete his thought.

After school, he stopped by the club, Mikuru seemed to have recovered after only one day. Over a game of Othello, Kyon says he's surprised to see she's returned after what happened. (If you recall, the chronologically previous episode involved Haruhi forcing a guy to grab her breast and fall on top of her.) After thinking about it, she realized she still has concerns. This statement gives Kyon deja vu, however it's accented. He asks what she's concerned about, and she claims it's nothing. She looks up to find Yuki standing beside Kyon. He asks if she wants to sit in for a game.

The board is returned to a starting state. Kyon asks is she's ever played; she shakes her head.

Later in the game, Yuki dominates the board. Mikuru looks worried. Haruhi enters, and apologizes for keeping them waiting. She's bringing in the new recruit: Itsuki Koizumi. Harumi introduces him to the brigade, referring to the members using numbers. Itsuki doesn't mind joining, but wonders what kind of club it is. Haruhi finally gets around to telling about the SOS Brigade's mission: to find aliens, time travellers, and espers, and heng out with them. Er, should I say "mission complete"? Kyon feels it's as if the whole world's come to a grinding halt... but not really. He did, however, remember what Haruhi said on the first day. Itsuki gets it, and was expecting something like that from Haruhi. He agrees to join, and hopes to have a good time with all of them. Kyon is amazed that he agreed, even after all Haruhi said. Itsuki starts making more one-on-one introductions, but Haruhi identifies the guy he started shaking hands with as Kyon, the "cute one" as Mikuru (if you say so; I mean, I think the DITE interface is pretty cute, as well), and the meganekko as Yuki. Mikuru starts to get up, but trips on the chair, scattering Othello pieces. Itsuki asks if she's all right. Haruhi says that as they have 5 members, their status as an extracirricular club is official. Mikuru is happy at the help. Kyon seems to exhibit a bit of suppressed jealousy. It's time for the brigade to be unveiled, and for the members to fight as one. (Not sure how that jibes with the stated purpose of finding aliens, time travellers, moog— er, I mean, espers, and hanging out with them, but whatever.) Kyon wonders if Yuki is really okay with being considered a member. Next day, Kyon walks in to find Haruhi sturggling to undress Mikuru, poor girl. At least she "only" has her uniform top off and her skirt draped across her legs. Kyon doesn't leave before Mikuru sees him there, though, and she turns red and screams. He leaves quickly after that.

Now she's dressed as a meido, with a purple dress. Haruhi says that an outfit like that is essential for mo, and you need one in every school-based story. Kyon, who's apparently been told it's okay to come back in, asks what kind of school-based story it is. And now it's time for pictures! Mikuru's previous experience with cameras wasn't at all pleasant. Haruhi takes some pictures of Mikuru, then has Kyon take over while she removes that which as hiding her cleavage. Haruhi says it's okay. Kyon says there's nothing okay about it, although he knows he can't be one to talk, as he's taking the pictures. (Including one that's basically her breasts, clothed though they are. Haruhi borrows Yuki's glasses. Kyon wonders what she's planning on doing with the pictures. Haruhi says it's perfect: a meganekko meido with great boobs. Haruhi wants her to wear that outfit whenever she's in the room.

Itsuki comes in and wonders what's going on. Haruhi says, "Let's all have fun with Mikuru!" Kyon figures that's enough, and tries to get Haruhi off of Mikuru. Itsuki politely declines, fearing consequences. He's okay with them continuing, however. Kyon would like help. He manages to separate them, and brings up that she's probably breaking several laws, here. (If so, she already has.) She seems to be angry, but she's okay with it, as she's already got a lot of photos. She returns Yuki's glasses, putting them directly on her face. Yuki makes a minor adjustment.

Haruhi announces the beginning of the first meeting. She says they've done a lot to get this far: handed out flyers and made a website. And now, their fame has skyrocketed. Kyon wonders what it is about traumatizing Mikuru makes them a big success. Haruhi says they haven't gotten any emails about strange phenomena, and no students have come by to consult them. Kyon figures that's only natural, as their purpose isn't exactly clear to those outside the club. (It's hardly clear to him, and he's in it. At least the other three are classified as the kinds of entities she wants, though she doesn't know it.) She wants to find the mysteries of this world.

So now it's time to tour the city. They have to meet at 9 AM on Saturday at Kitaguchi Station. Late arrivals receive the death penalty. He doesn't want to waste his day off... he gets there, and the other four are there. (Yuki's still in school uniform?) Haruhi says he's late.

So her proposal is to split into two groups and search the city, looking for mysterious phenomena. They'll keep in touch via cell.

They draw sticks to see who goes with whom. The marked ones go together, and the unmarked ones go together. The group split appears to be:

  1. Haruhi, Itsuki, and Yuki
  2. Kyon, and Mikuru

Kyon thinks it might be a lucky day for him; if he can get a date with Mikuru, it'll be worth it that he's footing the lunch bill. Haruhi asks if he's paying attention. She says it's not a date, so he should be serious about it. She slurps down her drink. Seemingly upset about the split.

Later, she threatens him with death if he messes around. With that, Haruhi and her team left to investigate the east side, while he and Mikuru were ordered to search the west. Mikuru asks what they should do. He doesn't know. They walk around. It's the first time Mikuru has gone walking alone with a boy. Kyon finds it hard to believe she's never dated. Kyon figures there are guys lining up to ask her out; Mikuru says she's not allowed to date, at least not in this... she stops herself, then runs a little ways ahead so she can face him. She looks serious, and has a favor to ask of him.

After being unable to actually talk for a while, Mikuru begins to explain that she's not from this time plane. She's from the future, although she can't say when; there are restrictions on divulging information about the future. She does, however, let on that time's less like a stream, and more like animation: a series of still frames. Travelling through time is moving along the pile of 3D time planes. She considers herself like an extra picture in the middle of a flipbook. She's there because of a timequake three years ago that stopped travel back beyond that point. They concluded that there was a gap between timeplanes, and recently found the cause: Haruhi. She can't explain any more, as the information is classified, but it's certain that Haruhi is stopping access to the past. Kyon finds it hard to believe that Haruhi could do that, but Mikuru says it's a mystery to them, as well. Again, Haruhi doesn't know she's doing it. Mikuru further explains that she was sent to see if any new time anomalies would show up in her vicinity. She understands if he doesn't want to believe it. Kyon asks why she's telling him, and she explains, as Yuki did, that she chose him. But the details are classified. Kyon asks about Yuki and Itsuki. They're in positions similar to hers. She didn't expect Haruhi to get them all together so precisely. It's classified as to what they really are, as is what'll happen to Haruhi, as is why they don't tell Haruhi. (Though Yuki did already let on about the potential catastrophic event...) She's not authorized to say anything further. She apologizes for dumping all that on him, though he doesn't mind. He pieces together the alien and time traveller bits. He wonders in his mind what's going on, and wants anyone who believes it to call him so he can trade places. He asks if it's all right to set aside whether he believes her or not, which it is. Before he does, though he asks if one more question is all right. It is, so he asks her real age. It's classified, but she says it with a smile, at least.

Haruhi called him, and they met at noon. They had nothing to report... to her, anyway. Over lunch, they drew to split into two groups again. Haruhi again seems upset at the split. This time, they're searching by north and south. After Haruhi's group leaves, Kyon lets on to Yuki that he seems to find himself more inclined to believe what she told him. She doesn't say much to that.

Kyon figures that the library is just about the only place to spend time with Yuki. inside, she walks off in a direction, torso out front and not swinging her arms. Kyon, you're not going to find the kind of phenomena Haruhi's looking for in the pages of that manga! He eventually falls asleep as Yuki reads. The vibration of his call scares him out of sleep, however. He takes the call away from the other patrons, which is a good thing, because Haruhi's chewing him out about the time. He apologizes saying he just woke up. Haruhi is furious about that. It's 4:30, and they were supposed to meet her at 4. She gives him 30 seconds to get there. However, Yuki still has the book, and doesn't want to leave without it, so Kyon has to have a library card made for her. All that while ignoring Haruhi's calls. Again, he's late.

So the result was that they didn't find anything close to phenomena, just a waste of time and money. But at least Mikuru whispered in his ear (the contents of the whispering was a thank-you for listening to her story), which felt good to him. Haruhi, though, asks what he was doing. He turns her question around on her, but then says that they wouldn't let themselves be found in a single day. She says they'll need to review his behavior on Monday. After that, she stormed off. He returned to where he left his bike, only to find it impounded.

Monday comes, and Kyon iss fanning himself, as he's sweating from the humidity. Haruhi walks in right before the final bell. She wants him to fan her, but he tells her to do it herself. He then asks if she knows about the story of the bluebird of happiness. He decides to drop it.

After a day of her downer aura showering him, he fled to the safety of the clubroom. There was someone he needed to talk to. Itsuki. He asks if there's something he, too, has to tell him about Haruhi.

He correctly deduces that the other two have spoken with him regarding her. Kyon knows that Haruhi isn't your ordinary person. He wants to know what Itsuki is. He figures that Kyon might have guessed he's an esper. (So if he dies, he'll turn into Magicite?) He hadn't planned to transfer so suddenly, but circumstances changed. And for the other two to join her so quickly was unexpected. He's sure they'll have more to say later, but he has something to show him. His organization has espers besides himself who've been watching Haruhi since its founding... three years ago, when something happened that awakened his esper powers. Kyon asks how Haruhi is involved. His elders believe that this world is like a dream that an entity is showing them. But because it's a dream, that entity could easily alter it. And they think it's Haruhi. After all, those types of beings that she wanted to meet and hang out with have gathered into one place. He feels it's that way because Haruhi wanted that to be. He goes on to say that this world started three years ago. It's a theory they have. (Or hypothesis, in the sub.) So what they want with Haruhi is not to make her so upset that she destroys everything. After all, he kinda likes the place.

Kyon wants to know why they can't just talk to her about it; Itsuki lets on that some members say they should, while others say they should just go further in stimulating her powers, but most say they can't easily get involved with it. But, as the others have said, she doesn't know her true potential, and it may be better that she never finds out, i.e., "Let sleeping gods lie." Kyon brings up the possibility that they're dreaming it up; he admits to it being possible, but the possibility they're acting on is the worst-case scenario. Kyon has an idea. As Itsuki says he's an esper, if he can show his power, then Kyon'll believe anything he says. That would be convenient, Itsuki says, but his powers aren't like that. That, and all sorts of conditions have to be right for them to work. But at least there's the promise that he'll have to opportunity to show his powers. Also, Itsuki does let on before leaving that he's the biggest mystery. They did some checking, and while he's in the center of it all, he's an ordinary human.

Y'know, Kyon's going to have to get into the habit of knocking and asking if it's okay yet to enter the clubroom. For example, instead of walking in on Mikuru clad only in her underwear. I guess the room doesn't have a lock. He leaves the room until she's clothed. At some point, she serves him some sort of beverage. Haruhi never does show up that day...

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