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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya II

So school's been on like Donk — er, going for about a month, and Kyon's been enjoying his hikes as much as he can, though he feels a little like Sisyphus. Then something hit him. No, not the cars in the foreground. More like a metaphorical 8.0 earthquake, bringing his normal life to a halt. (We see scenes from the last episode, like Haruhi's hair decs, and her starting to change clothes and the boys being rushed out of the room.) Okay, so maybe it wasn't that dramatic at first, but something was starting to happen. Now we see Haruhi deciding to make her club, drafting Kyon, and naming it. Thus begins his neverending hell, thanks to her.

Asakura greets him en route, but she's in a hurry because she forgot she had class duties. Kyon notes that it's hard to believe a girl like her is in his class, along with Haruhi, who smiles when she sees him, and runs up to him, asking if he can think of anything they'll need right now. Kyon doesn't know what she means. She wants a mysterious transfer student. (Man, she really sounds like Konata here!) Kyon deadpan begs her to start conversations with clarity of context. Haruhi thinks an MTS is exactly what they need. Kyon wants clarification on her idea of mysterious before she kidnaps anyone else. It's apparently based on time: anyone who transfers in now has to be mysterious. Kyon brings up the possibility of a TS just being there because of a dad being relocated due to work. Haruhi thinks it wouldn't be normal. Kyon almost wants to know what she considers normal, but is almost afraid to ask. Haruhi continues wondering if they'll get anyone like that, and Kyon takes this as her not caring what he says at all.

(OP: "Boken desho desho?")

There's a rumor floating around that Kyon and Haruhi are up to something. The Sam Riegal character wants Kyon to level with him, wondering if they're dating. Kyon denies it, wanting to know what they're up to himself. SR warns him that if they mess up the school, the least they'll get is suspended. He plans to least protect Yuki and Mikuru from getting involved in the craziness.

The number of things in the formerly-nearly-empty room has increased. For one thing, a black triangle with "Brigade Leader" on it, as well as more... householdy things? Kyon wonders if she's planning on living there. Haruhi thinks it'd be great to have a computer there. She points out the disparity between living in the information age and lack of a computer. She can't forgive "them". Kyon wonders to himself who she might be referring to. Haruhi wants then to go get one, but Kyon asks how, wondering if she's going to rob a computer store. No, they're going to the computer club room.

Haruhi enters, dragging Mikuru in with her, and greets everyone cheerily. She anounces her desire for a computer and its peripherals. She asks for the president. The guy nearby guesses that'd be him. She says the only reason she'd schlepp (yes, schlepp) all the way over there was for a computer. She only needs one out of the whole bunch, so it should be okay, right? Umm... the guy asks who they are. Haruhi gives their club name, her own name, and points out her henchmen, #1 (Mikuru) and #2 (Kyon). She tells him to just hand one over and nobody'll get hurt. The guy refuses. Haruhi brings Mikuru over to him, grabs his wrist, and forces his hand to her breast, much to both their displeasures... especially his, when she takes a picture of the contact. He kicks him, turning him around, then kicks him onto Mikuru and takes pictures.

Okay, Haruhi the show, I'm still figuring out how I feel about. Haruhi the character... I'm not too fond of at the moment. Cuteness is not equaling forgiveness right now.

So, the photos she took? If they aren't quick about handing over a computer, the pictures will show up all over campus. The poor guy protests that it was forced, and he's innocent. Haruhi wonders aloud how many people will believe him. The dude brings up his fellow club members... so Haruhi just figures she'll tell everyone that they all ganged up on her. Kyon asks her if she's out of her mind. (Well, at least, if they were paying attention, they know he doesn't sympathize with her methods.) She asks if they're going to hand it over. After some straining, he collapses to his knees and tells her to take whichever one she wants. Two of the club members go to comfort him. Kyon thinks it's like a bad comedy skit. Haruhi twirls and looks around. She asks which is the latest model. He asks for a reason why he should tell her. Well, would you look at that. It's the same reason she's able to wrangle a computer from them in the first place. He points out the newest model. Oh, but she got a list of all the newest models from the computer store the other day, and it seems that model's not listed. After a look around, she selects the one that, according to the club president, they just bought. He protests, but she shows him the camera, and he tells the thief to take it.

If she comes in again, he should shoot her with a lightning bolt.

Kyon is showing signs of a headache as he agrees with the guy. Haruhi has Kyon get the computer.

I really hope it's Vista. It's too much to hope that it's ME, I suppose.

It was then that they discovered that the Literary Club had no internet connection, so she had the computer club run a LAN cable over, and set them up so they could connect using the school's domain.

Can you say "extortion"? Gooood.

He sees Mikuru sitting on the floor, knees pulled up to her chest. He gently tries to get her back with the others, but she whimpers and pulls her knees up further. Then Kyon tells her that maybe she shouldn't get involved with the brigade thing, since Haruhi might try something else with her if she stays. Mikuru wipes a tear, and guesses it's alright, but finds out if he's going to stay. He's slightly surprised by her question, but doesn't answer. She guesses the probability of that happening on this time plane is unavoidable. "...Huh?" She's also worried about Yuki being there. He asks her what she said. She realizes, and says she was just babbling, and that despite her inexperience, she feels she'll get along with everyone there. She also gives him permission to use her given name. (I poked into the Japanese audio, and yes, that's with the "-chan" honorific.)

What's next? SOS Brigade website creation, it seems. Kyon asks who's going to make it; of course, she assigns him the task, since he appears to be sitting around bored all the time. She has to go recruit more members, and wants him to have the site finished in the next couple of days, as the club's dead in the water until then.

Kyon finishes his bento at the computer. He's building a website. He kind of enjoyed making it. He already had the software installed by the Computer Club (I thought Notepad came with Windows? wink ), so it wasn't too hard to figure out. He makes an opening splash page. As for content, well... it's hard to know what to put there when you still don't know what the club's purpose is. He asks Yuki if there's anything she wanted on the site. There's not. Kyon wonders to himself if she goes to class.

She closes the book, which has a bunch of keys on it. The bell sounds, and Kyon awakens, realizing he's got to go to class. He turns, and finds Yuki behind him. She lends him the book, called Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. (Thanks, katakana!) What it has to do with anything, we'll see, I guess. He accepts it wordlessly, and she leaves the room, looking at the book. (Say, wasn't there a class you had to be at?)

Kyon is still not sold on the Brigade, but finds himself eagerly going to the room. Habit? I don't know if that comes with eagerness or not. Once there, he greets the two who are already there. Mikuru, looks at him, smiles, and nods. Kyon wonders to himself if they can be that bored. He sits down. Mikuru asks where Haruhi is. Kyon doesn't know, and remarks that she wasn't there when he got to 6th period. He speculates that she's probably extorting gear from somewhere. Mikuru worries about being forced into a repeat of yesterday. Kyon says he won't let it happen again. Mikuru seems delighted with them, and will be counting on him, then. Kyon feels it an honor.

In comes Thief Haruhi herself. She's carrying two bags, one pink, one green, and seeming very pleased herself. She closes and locks the door, goes over to Kyon, and hands him a sheet of paper, telling him to look at it. "SOS Brigade: An Explanation of Our General Policies". She gives them to the others, as well. She pulls a dark gray one-piece outfit from the other bag. She says they're going to wear it to pass out flyers. Kyon asks "Where?" first. Not my first question, but whatever. Haruhi says it'll be at the main gate, as a bunch of students are (still hanging out on campus/going home now). Now Kyon asks what exactly they'll be wearing, but Haruhi answers my question. It won't be Kyon wearing it, but Mikuru. Mikuru seems surprised. Haruhi reveals the ears to match: it's a Bunny Girl outfit! Haruhi proceeds to change Mikuru's clothes with Kyon still there. He suddenly remembers his promise, and tells Haruhi to stop. Not that she listens. Mikuru tells him not to look, so he has no choice but to unlock the door and leave the room of his own volition.

Kyon watches the P.E. students run. He muses that Haruhi is like an evil overlord. He hears that he can come in. Haruhi is outside the room herself. She's wearing the dark gray one shown earlier, while Mikuru is wearing the red version. Their hosiery is a lighter shade of gray. We get a close-up of the melons of Haruhi Suzumiya (the important bits covered by the outfit, of course), as well as her hose-clad hip. Haruhi thinks they'll get some attention. Kyon doesn't think that'll be a problem, and wonders if Yuki wasn't into it. (He wonders if Yuki was spared, in the sub.) Mikuru is standing between the viewer and us. If this were certain cartoons, Yuki would be in a bunny suit when she moved, but she's not. Because she got full sets, she could only afford two. Kyon asks where she got them. "Online" is the answer. Haruhi drags her out the door against her will, and Kyon wordlessly apologizes, as he finds himself unable to act. He also finds that her outfit is killing him, and his passion's going through the roof.

Yuki silently points out the mess of chair, policy and the girls' clothes on the floor. He sets to picking Mikuru's up, feeling residual heat from them. He picks up the handwritten policy statement and begins to read. It turns out they're seeking out mysteries in this universe. (As he reads, we watch the two shilling the club, but are told off by two men, possibly the principal and vice-principal? Haruhi doesn't take kindly to this, and they take her away.) Haruhi welcomes those who have experienced, are experiencing, or plan to experience bizarre phenomena, but the mystery must be able to freak them out. (I assume she would especially welcome those who have experienced bizarre phenomena in the future, or plan to experience them in the past.) Kyon is starting to understand why the brigade exists.

Haruhi comes in, upset with the teachers for stopping them. Kyon thinks to himself that if two girls in bunny outfits came by, everybody'd check that out. Anyway, Mikuru started wailing, Haruhi got detention, and a "handball freak" named Okabe came by. Kyon is sure they didn't know where to keep their eyes focused. Haruhi dismisses the club, throwing her bunny ears down and removing her cuffs. Kyon realizes what's about to happen, and books just before Haruhi removes her torso-cover. (Though the window's open... will Yuki do anything about it?) She urges Mikuru to change, as well.

Afterward, Mikuru hands Kyon his jacket, and asks him if he'd be willing to marry her if it turns out she's unable to be a bride otherwise, and walks by. Kyon doesn't know what to say. She looks to him like someone who didn't get into college, or who bought her dream house, only to lose her job. And then he notices that she calls him "Kyon", as well.

By the next day, the name "Haruhi Suzumiya" had become infamous. Then Kyon's unnamed friends come up to beside him in class. The SR dude remarks that Kyon's become one of her gang of weirdoes. Kyon notes to himself that his name and the name of Asahina were floating around, as well. The other guy relates what he saw, noting that the one in red was Asahina.

Asakura comes up, asking what the Brigade is. Kyon directs her to ask Haruhi, as he neither knows, nor wants to. Asakura thinks they're having fun, but points out that yesterday was a little overboard.

Mikuru didn't show up that day. Haruhi is upset about the lack of e-mail response. Kyon thinks to himself that nobody's going to want to be associated with them, after that. He admits that it got attention. Haruhi notices the lack of Mikuru. (If she weren't still in high school, I might say "downing some Asahi", but...) Kyon speculates to himself that she might not show up again, and hopes she wasn't too traumatized. Haruhi asks why she didn't come, and notes that she even got a new outfit for her. Kyon tells her to wear it, then. She says she will, but thinks it's no fun if Mikuru isn't there. Kyon thinks, but doesn't say, that maybe Yuki should wear it; she probably wouldn't complain, and he'd like to see, himself.

Haruhi complains about the lack of activity. She thinks everyone's keeping their mysteries to themselves. Kyon thinks to himself that there just aren't enough mysteries in a normal high school like theirs that they'd get an immediate response. He internally psychoanalyzes her, thinking it'd be good for her to find a guy, or join a sports team. She leaves. He starts to leave, as well, when Yuki asks if he read it. He doesn't know what she means until she tells him "Book." He hasn't, and asks if he should return it. She says it won't be necessary. Kyon tells us that she avoids the pitfalls of idle conversation. She urges him, albeit emotionlessly, to read it as soon as he gets home. He says he will, and she goes back to reading.

He gets home, and flips through it. As he does, a bookmark falls out. It says, "I'll wait at the park across Kouyouen Station at 7."

As he rushes for the door, a little girl with a popsicle asks where he's going. He says he's meeting someone at the station, and tells her not to talk with her mouth full.

Yuki is seated on the lit end of a bench. A bicycle is heard, and she stands. He apologizes, and asks if today was the day. She nods. He asks if she waited yesterday. She nods. He asks why she chose that location. She says to follow her.

They go to a building, ride the elevator, and go to some room with a kotatsu. Kyon is seated at it, and Yuki, having brought something, is seated there, as well. Kyon asks about her folks. She responds that they aren't there. He wonders if they stepped out. Yuki clarifies that she is the only one who was ever there. She pours them hot tea as he asks what she wanted to see him about. She serves him, and tells him to drink. He sips, and asks if it's good. He says it is, and thanks her. She pours some more, and he drinks it. She pours some more... he's getting full. He asks again why he's there. She lets on that it's about Haruhi... and Yuki herself. Yuki is trying to find the words, but it's difficult, which may result in errors. She relates that they're not ordinary human beings. Kyon says he already figured it out, but Yuki didn't mean that they lack universally-accepted personality traits, but the fact that she was created by the Data Integration Thought Entity, which runs the galaxy, for the purpose of interfacing with organic life forms. In layman's terms, she would be considered an alien. He takes some time to process this.

I guess that's enough exposition for the episode, and we'll find out about Haruhi herself in another one, as it's time for...

("Hare Hare Yukai")

Next time: We're changing discs! It's The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya!