Time Cube


September 19, 2010 (5)

I'm looking at Time Cube stuff on Wikipedia, and I have to say there's some pretty interesting stuff. For example, the site really has existed since 1997. I wonder what kind of changes have occurred since its creation. I noticed when skimming through earlier that Obama is mentioned somewhere in the middle.

Anyway, there's a documentary of the man made by Brett Hanover in 2005. It's called "Above God." I'd be interested in finding out more about it, but I can't find much info.

And this is interesting: Apparently he had an obsession with marbles some time after he started Time Cube. Here's a summary of an article about it (you need to pay for the full version).

People once found Gene Ray unique, the way they might fawn over an eccentric uncle who plays the spoons, except Ray's shtick wasn't spoons.

The old Gene Ray, the Gene Ray with the gentle Alabama accent, the Gene Ray who adopted St. Petersburg as his home (and St. Petersburg was charmed), was going to bring cat's eyes and peewees back to popularity in the late '70s. The mayor and City Council proclaimed a ``Marbles Week,`` and Ray, a genial gray-haired man with a gut full of sincerity hanging over his belt, became something of a media sweetheart.

Now it's hard to get anyone to listen to Mr. Marbles, let alone put him in the news. It has nothing to do with his game; it's just that, after 12 years of playing marbles and studying Plato, Ray, 59, has taken a path that makes even friends remember that they have to go home to change a lightbulb.

It's all so interesting to me. I would have had no idea about this kind of thing going on.

Makes one a bit pensive about the weakness of man's sanity and the flow of time. Granted, not quite in the way Ray is.

And I found this gem in an editorial:

The page is not to be taken lightly. If you read Ray for too long you will experience physical pain from the onslaught of lunacy. Do not try to make sense of the illogical flow of bad science and conspiracy theorem or you may experience the pain of death fourfold.

What a quaint pretense of knowing my mental limits. Challenge accepted.


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