New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Logs - October 11th-17th, 2040

October 11th, 2040

The science team here has delivered a report on the handheld monitor we've retrieved from several high-ranking aliens.

It's a a device called the Molecular Control Reader, and it allows its user to access Echo's M. C. network and gather information on whatever opponents he may be facing.

This will come in handy for determining the value of alien forces - higher-ranking aliens will, of course, be captured if possible.

October 13th, 2040

Another report from the science team - after much painstaking work, they've successfully managed to integrate miniaturized Magnetic Navigation systems into the Ion Armour.

The resulting Mag-Ion Armour, as they call it, is essentially a personal submersible akin to the Flying Suits of the First Alien War.

However, given its nature, it will only be of value in undersea operations - for land-based missions, we will continue to use the standard Ion Armour.

October 16th, 2040

The science team has finished interrogating the high-ranking "Whistler" that was captured in our last colony raid.

We learned that this particular race is called the Tasoths, and that the unusual movements of Alien submarines around Redback Base are the signs that Echo is building undersea colonies in the area.

Gee, ya think?

October 17th, 2040

We picked up a small Alien sub stooging around the coast of Neo-Japan. Not sure what they were up to, but if it involves those traitors, it can't be good.

Barracuda-Three was dispatched to intercept it - a single blast from its new Sonic Oscillators was enough to send the enemy sub to the deeps.

Triton-Two is en route to recover what remains of the sub and neutralize any survivng crew.