New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Logs - June 10th &11th, 2040

June 10th, 2040


Shit, shit, SHIT.

The sonar arrays at Redback Base picked up a large sub headed towards Antarctica. I dispatched Barracuda-Three to track its movements.

We lost the sub, but we found something else - another Alien colony.

This I need like a hole in the head.

June 11, 2040

Picked up another small sub, this one touched down off the coast of Italy.

I'm sending Triton-One out after it; Barracuda-One will cover in case it tries to take off.


Well, the sub tried to make a run for it when the Barracuda showed up. Barracuda-One downed it easily, though it took some damage.

Triton-One is preparing to touch down nearby for recovery.