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New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot
Ranger Six

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Commander's Log, February 28th, 2040 - Supplemental
This last counterterrorism operation could have gone a lot more smoothly. We were able to retrieve a decent amount of Alien equipment and several corpses, though two civilians were mistaken for the grey-skinned race that seems to act as the primary agent of terror in these attacks.

We also suffered casualties on this mission: Able Seaman Remington Steele, Able Seaman nads, and Seaman Suzie Costello.

We also confiscated the crates marked "Top Secret: X-Com" on them, and guess what we found inside?

The missing ammunition for the Coelecanth.

I swear, I'm going to find out who's responsible for that screwup - and when I do, I'll have him shot, court-martialed, and sent to Siberia!

End log.
18th Dec '10 5:03:48 PM flag for mods
What are they going to do with his bloodied, demoted corpse once he reaches Siberia?
DemoralizedAnt 10th Oct 11
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