New Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot

Ranger Six

Commander's Log, January 15th, 2040 - Supplemental

This last recovery mission saw the deaths of two Aquanauts - Seaman John Benton and Seaman Joanna.

However, we managed to recover several alien artifacts, six dead aliens, and decent quantities of both Aqua Plastics and the material the Aliens use to power their craft, a substance which they apparently call "Zrbite". A strange name, to be sure. I shall have to ask the scientists here to study the material and try to discern exactly how it is used.


I also reccomend research into how to pronounce Zrbite.
TriggerLoaded 19th Dec 10
I pronounce it "Zer-bite", myself.

(Although it could be pronounced "Zer-bitty" or "Zrib-ite" too.)
RangerSix 19th Dec 10
"Zer-bite" most definitely.
DemoralizedAnt 10th Oct 11