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Ace Of Scarabs
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Interlude: Platinum Recollection - Cyrus!

(Celadon Gym)

Mari: Why do you girls make Celadon so hard for the boys to win badges from?

Picnicker: We don't do this all the time, only when we need to change our clothes or do some Girls Only Things.

Mari: Is that why the Gym Groupie isn't around?

Beauty: That, and also because he always, always gets hooked on the slots here when he comes around.

Mari: He didn't seem so hooked in Goldenrod.

Beauty: That's because his Lucky machine is here in Celadon.

Mari: Do we have to spar before I face Erika?

Lass: If you want to. (draws pokeballs) Want a little warmup?

(As Mari and the Lass face off, we turn back the clock to Sinnoh...)

("Sinnoh" - Distortion World)

Renko: This realm is wierd.

Carla: Nnnn, nnn (sniff). (You're telling me! I don't even know I'm smelling in this place, the scents are so ALIEN!)

Cyrus: You will not stop me. Neither will Cynthia, and neither will Giratina.

Carla: Create a new universe if you want, but leave our own unharmed!

Cyrus: I would if I could. Unfortunately, all the energy and mass I require must come from somewhere, and sacrifices must be made in the pursuit of a greater perfection. (draws Pokeball) As I have said, I will not yield.

Next: Mari vs a Lass! Renko vs Cyrus!


Ah, things are getting interesting in Sinnoh.
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