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The Preps get a new member

Chapter 18

A/N: Extremly Scray Matiral Hear, Viewer Excretion Advised

Last time the author said that, we got treated to something absurd but (relatively) cool. Let's see what he's got for us, shall we?

The chapter begins with Linda noticing that B'loody Mary was acting far more evil than usual, far worse than the current Big Bad, Dumbledore's Alzheimers. So Linda and her BF Dracola go to investigate and find that B'loody Mary was...eating someone! Linda shouts at B'loody Mary, but the former best friend responds: "so wut? People taste gud. Its goffik." Linda then smiles, and says "OK, as long as its you."

There's a lesson here, kiddies. Cannibalism is okay if you're a Goff!

Linda and Dracola leave, and B'Loody Mary smirked psycho-like, like she was a psychopath. She then says "Kekekeke..." and listens to a song on her ibeatblaxx because only a bad guy would own one of dose. I don't have an ibeatblaxx, by the way.

Some time later in the Slytherin dorm, Linda temporarily lets go of the Idiot Ball to tell Dracola that something's wrong with B'loody Mary. Then Vampire gets kidnapped because he had nothing else to do.

Linda curses, "Oh shat!" and she and Dracola go to B'loody Mary's part of the dungeon. There they find a lot of it melted like by evil misma from a bad guy who made miasma. There wuz a tunnal down in the fluur and dey folowed it to find Bloody.

They fund her and Vampire...but then Vampire was absorbed into B'loody Mary! Hur whole dress went open and a lot of insect arms cam oot and grabbed Vampyr and puled him into hur! That's mildly scary, I guess.

Then all of Linda's group scream. B'loody Mary (or the entity possesing her) gloats about everyone's assimilation through bonding. Crab and Gargoyle come back to life and then Crab gets bonded in a sick, rapey way by making the insect arms again apeer from her flesh. Gar Goyle trid 2 run, but got bonded too.

Dracola cries, "enuf absorbing people bad person desguised as Mary!" Then he shoots "Abra Cadabre!" at the impostor Bloody, who turns out to be.....NAKAKU! Hey, there's actual suspense in this chapter.

So, did I do well?