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Capter 12: Demon Awokening

So the Author did remember! Anyway, this Parody travesty starts with Linda slitting her wrists and being depressed that her state as being in Vlodimort's way caused Draco's recent status as a Sex Slave. She decides to cheer herself up not by starting a rescue mission, but by doing the you know what with Dracola Vampire Pale Duud and B'Loody Mary, who was now a Sleaper. If Linda knew that B'loody Mary was a Sleeper Agent, why did she allow her within five feet of her in the first place?

Pale dude suddenly proclaims his demonic condition, and transforms into a lame demonic form. Everyone runs away despite Linda previously being able to use Sepiroth's Supernova and we are treated to a Nausea Fuel description of the demon being big ugly and wuz all red and had a face liek with a milion eyes. It had for arms and for legs.

Linda uses a fan-made blasting spell to blast the demon through a nearby wall. The demon, after going thru te wall, got right back up and dusted itself off from getting blasted through the wall. It roared, "Rawr." The roar roared right up and shatered the celing.

Britney, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, orders the demon to "Kill Linda, kill her to death like to a fete wurse than deth! Hey, that's an actual trope! Ultradeath!"

The demon refuses, saying "But I remember these peopulz, dey are my friends. Don't really wanna kill them." Ha! Take That!, Dumbledore's Alzheimer's!

Britney shouted at it in her very pissed off voice, "Kill those stupid goffik people, you stupid wanker, or I will kill you, wanker!" Redundancies notwithstanding, mere words aren't going to cut it. The demon uses his claw as a Slash Harken and Britney's brrom she wuz sitting on exploded and she went the balasting off liek Teem Rokket. Yay!

The demon wuz then back 2 bein Pale Duud and untransformed but lost the demon form cuz he was naught evul anymoar.Were you ever? He told her, "Damblider iz bein manpulated by that magnificient basterd his alzheimers...but both are preppiez and are evul." GASP1!

Seconds later, Britney returns with Hitler and the Servants. And then B'loody Mary betrays the group to no one's surprise (except for Linda and her harem, that is). The preps then give her teh experimental edler wande!

OH NO! My sentiments excatly

((OOC: Finished! Apologies again for including less of the original chapter's content. I didn't want this to become an MST, like in the other chapter.))

((OOC 2: A good one, Nick! I can't wait for either the big action scene or the abrupt Anti-Climax.))