Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 23: Mario Kart Would Have Been Better If Anyone Drove Pianos

  • Well, there is only one episode and a special left now. It looks to me like Phil and his gang will use some kind of mecha to transport the piano, but that seems a bit excessive to me. Surely there are simpler ways to transport one than that. I could be wrong though.

  • Sugar asks how Saga improved her mood too. Saga says it was because of Sugar and she pledges to never leave her alone again. Given the separation anxiety that Saga suffered earlier when Sugar was away, I wonder if Saga will be okay when Sugar actually has to go back to the fairy world. Maybe she will never need to go back. I somehow doubt that.

  • Now Saga is letting Sugar come along to her part-time job. I am guessing that she will still try to stop Sugar from messing things up, otherwise I believe even Saga will get frustrated. I am probably overreacting.

  • Greta's parents have left so the group can now move the piano. It looks like that have a pretty complicated plan, but once again, Greta is out of the loop. She wonders how Phil will be able to transport it without attracting any attention.

  • The solution as it turns out is moving it in a strange robotic vehicle which I actually think would be kind of neat to ride in. Its name is "Robotchi #2" so I guess it was based off of the robot that appeared during the festival earlier. By the way, everyone is staring at it, so I would say it is doing a fairly poor job of being inconspicuous. It also appears to be powered by Norma, Anne, and Phil's minions pushing it.

  • Now the scene switches to Sugar messing up. Saga does not seem annoyed this time. When Sugar brings up the piano, Saga pretends to not care about it. At least, I think she is pretending, I am not actually sure. Then to their surprise, Saga appears on the scene and asks what the group is doing. Mr. Coffee shop owner fixes the robot, but this leads it to go sliding down a hill. Unfortunately, its outside covering falls off even as Greta tries to stop it. Well, I guess they will not be able to surprise Saga now.

  • Greta uses the emergency brake, but it looks like it is taking a while for the remnants of the robot to actually stop moving. Meanwhile, Sugar holds on and tries to stop the piano. The punk fairies appear and completely nonchalantly ask her what she is doing. They try to help, but unfortunately their season powers only result in the breaking of the emergency break and more damage to the wheels of the robot chassis. Greta keeps sliding along with the piano though even as Sugar is preoccupied by Joe the crow chasing her.

  • Saga wonders what is going on. I have a feeling that trying to explain to her would be pretty difficult. Greta is now at the square where the waffle stand is. She manages to smash through several stands (without any injuries from what I can tell) and keeping moving. I feel like running into things like that would probably stop or at least slow down the piano, but I am not really an expert on physics so I guess I could be wrong.
  • Actually, I might have been right, it seems to have slowed down a little. Then it stops moving entirely before falling down an incline.

  • Well, Greta's parents are back with presents for Greta. I do not think she is probably very happy to see them now though. Anne and Jan tell Greta's parents to go after the piano. At the same time, Phil explains to Saga how Greta was the one who wanted to return the piano to Saga and how everyone was worried about her. Saga responds in the most straightforward and obvious way to this revelation by taking her teacher's bike and riding after the piano. Phil stays on the back for some inexplicable reason. What I find stranger than that is the fact that Greta's parent's car apparently cannot catch up to the piano. If that is true then I wonder how Saga is supposed to catch up to it. Anyway, Phil rips the music shop's sign off for some reason. I am guessing he has a use for it, but doing that in front of the people who work at the music shop might not have been the best idea.

  • Sugar is saved from Joe by Salt and Pepper appearing on the scene.

  • Greta's parent's car has finally caught up to the piano. Norma reaches out a hand to seemingly grab Greta, but instead she and Jan are actually pushed back to the piano. Greta's parents are puzzled at this and the fact that Saga and Phil speed by them.

  • Phil and Saga successfully land on the piano cart as well. It looks as though the music shop sign holder will be used as a substitute emergency brake. Salt and Pepper appear on the scene and one of them says "[i]t's been a long time" which as far as I can tell is pretty clearly false. I thought they were just there a couple of episodes again. Saga had challenged Greta to stopping the piano, but the substitute emergency brake breaks.

  • Speeding by Saga's grandmother, the group keeps flying onward. Well, a drawbridge does not go down fast enough and the group flies into the air. The cart part falls off so now everyone is just grabbing on to the piano itself, essentially skydiving. Now it is time for the season fairies to get to work. They somehow use magical powers to get everyone to float around.

  • Now Saga is having a vision of her mother before she beings to play the piano with all of her friends watching. While shes plays, the other season fairies, including Sugar join in too. I guess it was some kind of dream or something as she wakes up.

  • Saga tries to give up the piano since she is okay now as she has friends.

  • Though it was not shown in the episode, I think it is a pretty safe bet that Sugar's magic flower will bloom soon. My question is why Salt and Pepper came back.