Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 21: Things Suddenly Get Dramatic

  • It looks like there will be some drama in this episode. I am really hoping that Greta does not move away though.

  • The episode starts with Saga delivering coffee just like she did in the first episode. Well, I guess things are a bit different since this time she seems to be in a rush. How exactly does she plan to get the piano back. I do not think she would morally approve of stealing it and besides, I think it seems far to big and heavy to steal. I doubt Saga has much money either. Maybe she will try challenging Greta or something.

  • Saga is in a rush again. She runs by the piano guy (i.e. the guy who works at the shop) near a bakery. The bakery's sign says "since 1890," again making me wonder why some things are in English here and others are in German.

  • Saga seems to have a part-time job and that is how she plans to pay for the piano. It seems to me that getting a part-time job is much easier on TV than in real life. I mean, not only is Konata able to get one, she even has one that suits her interests. I think finding a job like that you actually enjoy is much rarer in real life.
  • Salt is hanging out with Plantman again. Sugar wishes he was with her so he could help out with Saga's part-time job.

  • It looks like Saga is a bit overly focused on her job. She has turned into a coffee making and delivering robot. She even refuses to take a break. As one would expect, Sugar and Pepper mess up when they try to help Saga out. In fact, they mess up multiple times and an enraged Saga kicks them out.

  • After Pepper mentions that Salt will help them tomorrow, we go back to Salt as he announces to Plantman that he wants to become a Cloud Fairy. He wants to stop following in his father's footsteps and be what he wants to be. Plantman stops Ginger from raising objections to that idea, but the scene ends before the newly arrived elder is able to do anything. I wonder if Salt's clothes will change if he actually does become an apprentice cloud fairy. I mean, I think it would be kind of weird to have a sun-themed outfit on all of the time if one was not even a sun fairy.

  • Sugar is pretty worried about Saga and her Grandmother has similar concerns. Saga does not really say anything though and goes straight to bed.

  • Cut to Pepper helping out the baby who she lives with. She uses the wind to blow a little pinwheel on its crib. The baby surprises her by saying the word "soffy" again and again. I guess that is definite proof that it can see Pepper. So if that is the person that Pepper is connected to and Saga is the one that has the magic flower bond with Sugar, what is the deal with Salt?

  • Pepper's magic flower seems to have finally bloomed. I guess she is a real season fairy now. I am not sure if that means she will suddenly mature or get stronger powers now though. I do not really understand how all of that works.

  • Anne and Norma offer to help Saga take a break. She does not appear to understand why they offer that and Norma explains that Saga is overworking herself and is stressed out. I totally agree, but Saga says something like "I don't have time for your worries" and runs away. Next, Greta tries to challenge her to something, but Saga dashes by her too. Interestingly, Greta says something about how if she cannot fight her she cannot control how she feels. So I guess Greta does sincerely care about Saga after all.

  • Sugar tries to help again and messes up again, spilling a bunch of coffee containers. I think the show is hard to watch at this point just like it was when Sugar scribbled all over Saga's mother's music. I can relate a little. I have messed up like that my fair share of times.

  • Salt and Pepper find Sugar crying. Unfortunately, they announce that they have to return to the fairy world since both of their flowers have bloomed. Sugar asks what the Twinkle was and Salt gives a rather odd answer of "I don't know, but I have a feeling I do know."

  • Well, that really does not matter as Salt and Pepper do leave for the fairy world. Sugar pretends to be perfectly happy and fine, but as soon as the clouds darken she starts crying again. Yep, now it is raining as well. Seriously, I do not find this very fun to watch at all. Ouch, the magic flower seems to have died as well and Sugar passes out. Okay, now even I am worried a bit.

  • The episode ends with Saga yelling at Sugar to wake up. I certainly did not expect this kind of drama when I watched the first episode of this show. Can young kids handle this kind of stuff? They probably can. I may just be overreacting. At least this is keeping the show from getting boring.