Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 15: Do Not Leave Small Children Unsupervised Around Tiny Pianos

  • Yo, Louie W here with another part of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Actually, I am pretty glad this is a written rather than spoken Let's Play. In addition to how little I would like to share my voice with everyone, I would probably run out of material pretty quickly and start rambling. Plus, I do not really understand how some people do oral Let's Plays of shows anyway.

  • Sugar and Saga walk by the music store and some really tiny trumpets are in the window.I guess the perspective might be a little of or something though. Awaiting Saga at home is another little something except this time it is a child. For some reason, the expression on her face is giving me a derp vibe.

  • The child's name is Kanon it seems. I guess that means that this shows has layers upon layers of moe given the inherent moe nature of the series to which I just linked. I have never actually seen Kanon, but I have to admit that the animation turns me off a bit. I mean, I thought the art style for people in CLANNAD looked a bit souless (the big spaced eyes with nearly nonexistent noses helped give me that impression), yet I was okay with it because I found the other art to be well-made. I do not know if I can say the same thing about the art I have seen for Kanon. I cannot say I am a big fan of the whole "uguu~" thing either. Anyway, I just hope this child does not grow up to say "uguu~" a lot.

  • The kid is three years old and Sugar remarks how she is smaller than the fairy. I am guessing that is true in terms of mental size (if that even is a term), but given that Sugar is a pint-sized fairy, I do not think it makes much sense for her to be talking about other people being smaller than her. I do not foresee good things with this child though. I think Saga seems to have her hands full with three little fairies running around causing
mischief. I do not think she needs anyone else causing trouble. I could be wrong about the kid though.

  • Cue a series of scenes involving mishaps with Kanon. First she starts showing how to do a dance during dinner, then she does not want to have shampoo in her hair, and the rest of the stuff is predictable enough to not need to be noted.  *

  • You know, I have seen a lot of these scenes of little kids causing trouble in series seemingly targeted toward young girls (especially in this one). I wonder if they tend to give people a negative view of raising children or not. I guess they should be praised for being at least somewhat realistic though. I do not think it would be a good idea for children to believe that raising kids of their own will be incredibly easy or that those kids will always behave.

  • Saga chats with her posse (i.e. Anne and Norma) about being a big sister now. Maybe she does not realize it, but I think that Saga already is being a big sister to Sugar.

  • Greta appears on the scene with a new hair style. I have some difficulties describing it, so see for yourself. Kanon calls it funny, claiming it looks like cotton candy. I think she may have a point there, but Your Mileage May Vary there I suppose. Still, I do not think it is polite to point and laugh at people like she does.

  • Saga goes back to the music shop to play piano. After that there is a comparison flashback to Saga admiring her mother play the piano and Kanon admiring Saga doing the same thing. Kanon does not allow this comparison to last for long as she starts baming away at the piano. Saga predictably gets angry about Kanon abusing the piano. I say this is predictable given how annoyed she was by bearsuitman mistreating the piano and he did not even seem to do it on purpose. Well, Saga scolds Kanon and then tries to deal with the child's tears that soon come.

  • Back at her house, Saga is trying to get reassurance that she was not as bad as Kanon when she was that young. All her grandmother is willing to say is that Saga and Kanon may be more alike than Saga thinks.

  • I should note that the situation is even more complicated as Kanon keeps looking at Sugar's magic flower and tries to touch it. Sugar and Saga have been able to stop here so far though.
  • Saga comes to school incredibly tired after readjusting Kanon's blanket all night. I think that Saga is acting a lot more like a substitute mother than substitute big sister right now given her level of dedication. Right after I type that, Norma and Greta say pretty much the same thing. I guess it was rather obvious.

  • Back at Saga's house, Kanon wakes up and tries to play the little piano that is housing the magic flower. I guess that explains why she seemed to keep trying to touch the flower. I am worried about her lack of supervision, especially since she falls over after trying to pick up the little piano.

  • Wow, now Kanon is hanging off of Saga's balcony, only being held up by Sugar. Seriously, this show makes me worry a lot more than I think a show like it should. I realize that things will probably turn out well, but the drama levels seem pretty high too me for a children's show about season fairies.

  • Speaking of how it would turn out well in the end, Kanon lands safely on a banner type cloth that a few people had set up below her. Interestingly, she chose to fall that way rather than climb back up because she did not want to break Saga's piano. On the ground she calls Saga "Mommy" which honestly surprises me a bit.

  • Flashback to the floating piano in the sky scene last seen in the first episode. Apparently, at the time Saga had done something to worry her mother a great deal (run away in the cold) just because she wanted to play piano. The result is what some might call "sentimental slop."

  • Going back to what I said earlier about shows like this one showing how raising kids is troubling, Saga's grandmother points out that children can also be quite rewarding, which I suppose is part of the lesson of today's episode.

  • Saga teaches Kanon how to play a song on the mini piano to show Miranda (Kanon's mother). She seems pretty good to me, much better than I am at piano  *.

  • The magic flower grows a bit after Kanon and her mother part. I hope the next episode is not quite as dramatic, but it does not really matter since I plan on liveblogging it anyway.


Speaking of young girls dealing with much smaller children, have you seen "Mama is a Fourth-Grader"?
SKJAM 1st Jan 11
I have not, but looking at it now, I think it seems pretty interesting.

I would be interested in seeing more series that focus on boys taking on roles as substitute fathers as well. I suppose that dynamic is rarely explored, but I think it could be a pretty good idea. I am not sure boys would really want to watch that kind of thing though and I am not sure if that kind of plot has much of an appeal as a shoujo series either.

I suppose I would just like to see something like that.
LouieW 1st Jan 11 (edited by: LouieW)
You might like this one then: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_and_Me

Available legally in English, no less!
SKJAM 1st Jan 11