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Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares
Louie W

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Episode 15: Do Not Leave Small Children Unsupervised Around Tiny Pianos
mischief. I do not think she needs anyone else causing trouble. I could be wrong about the kid though.

31st Dec '10 10:37:32 PM flag for mods
Speaking of young girls dealing with much smaller children, have you seen "Mama is a Fourth-Grader"?
SKJAM 1st Jan 11
I have not, but looking at it now, I think it seems pretty interesting.

I would be interested in seeing more series that focus on boys taking on roles as substitute fathers as well. I suppose that dynamic is rarely explored, but I think it could be a pretty good idea. I am not sure boys would really want to watch that kind of thing though and I am not sure if that kind of plot has much of an appeal as a shoujo series either.

I suppose I would just like to see something like that.
LouieW 1st Jan 11 (edited by: LouieW)
You might like this one then: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_and_Me

Available legally in English, no less!
SKJAM 1st Jan 11
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