Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 14: Turf Wars And Paratrooper Knights

aside from playing their instruments and the older fairies have yet to talk to animals that I can remember.

  • Okay, so Lancelot wants to be able to fly and Pepper is really determined to help him out. I feel like this dream of flying is pretty popular, whether it be with people or fables about animals  *. I wonder why that is. I suppose part of it could be the freedom that flying grants or the ability to overcome many different obstacles. I think it would be interesting to be able to fly, but my impression is that such a feat would require having a completely different system of organs and bones in order to be able to actually fly.

  • The fairies call Saga stubborn for suggesting that one cannot achieve the impossibility of a turtle flying just by wishing for it. She is right, of course, but I doubt this episode would have much of a plot without this adventure so it probably is good for the show that the fairies ignore Saga's words of wisdom here.

  • Pepper and the others free Lancelot from his cage at the animal hospital and then seem to take him a good distance away from the place. They intend to bring him back to the animal hospital in a set amount of time, but given the speed at which turtles typically travel and the likelihood that the veterinarian will come back, I have a feeling they might get in trouble this time.

  • Now the fairies begin to test out ways of getting the turtle to fly. I doubt this will go well.

  • Plan #1 is mimicking a season fairy. Salt believes that by simply thinking one is lighter one can fly. This does not work since Lancelot clearly lacks wings.

  • Plan #2 is getting advice from a bird. The fairies tie a few feathers to the top of Lancelot's head and legs. I realize that will not do him much good, but would it not make more sense to actually give him some kind of wings so he could at least look the part? Right now I think he looks like he is wearing some hair decoration. He does not reassemble a bird to me. Needless to say, the results this time are even worse as Pepper is run over by the speeding shell of Lancelot and the other fairies do not feel much better, sustaining very minor injuries.

  • Going back to what I said earlier, there is confirmation that Salt and Sugar cannot speak to animals as they fail to understand what Lancelot says. He tells Pepper that he knows of some dove that is new to town and that she is his inspiration for wanting to learn to fly. He also says that there is something important that he would do if he had the ability to fly and given the fact that he blushes after saying this, I am guessing he has romantic feelings for the dove. I think this portrayal of inter-species romance seems rather "progressive" for a children's show.

  • Salt thinks he wants to race the dove for some reason though. Saga, in the meantime, worries if the fairies are going to be okay.

  • Pepper wants to use wind to make Lancelot fly. I think that makes a lot more sense than anything other suggestions that have been offered.

  • Saga decides to go to Phil for help in getting something to fly. I am a bit surprised she is even bothering with this, but I guess she really is getting close to the fairies. I am just glad that Phil is getting attention again.

  • Pepper nearly collapses after using too much energy trying to get a strong wind for Lancelot. Lancelot is concerned about her as anyone probably should be.

  • It looks like there some trouble again as Joe the Crow is fighting some kind of turf war with the new dove. Lancelot tries to help her out again, this time Pepper's wind triggers a complicated system of chain reactions (like a more simplified Rube Goldberg machine) that eventually results in a kid sending Lancelot flying after he lands on a teeter-totter. The turtle goes flying, snatches the dove out of harm's way, makes a safe landing, then smacks Joe as he attacks Lancelot, knocking out that bird. Overall, I think this is probably the most awesome scene in all of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.

  • After his heroics, Lancelot has some trouble getting out of a high tree. Saga gives a parachute to Sugar who is launched from a space shuttle toy into the tree. The fairies somehow fasten this to Lancelot's back and he safely parachutes back. I wonder what the kids who were at the playground where this all takes places were thinking at the time.

  • Well, I was wrong earlier, it turns out the Lancelot only wanted to be friends with the dove. Anyway, Saga's teacher comes to claim her turtle and things seem to end happily. Pepper's magic flower even grows a little. This might have been my favorite episode so far as dumb as thay may sound. I think Lancelot is in the running to be the best character in this show along with Plantman.


A parlor is a special room in your house for receiving guests, separate from say the living room. Obviously, this was generally a middle-class and up thing. Back in the day, it was the custom to entertain one's guests with your family's talents if any. So for example, the family piano would be in the parlor so that whichever member of the family had some piano playing talent could show off.

Thus, "parlor trick", a simple bit of magic that an amateur could pull off, and "parlor games", designed to involve any number of players with very different skill levels.
SKJAM 14th Dec 10
Thanks for the background information there. I have no idea what I would do if I had to entertain guests with a talent of mine. However, I figure that Pepper, being a fairy, probably could do a lot of pretty interesting things (flying for one).
LouieW 14th Dec 10
Oh, I don't think it spoils anything to say that we will see Greta's parlor later on.

Some more miscellania: Since the parlor was for guests, it usually had the most expensive furniture and decorations in the house. A down-at-the-heels family might have a beautiful parlor and basically bare walls and orange crate furnishings for the rest of the house. In older literature, it's often noted by characters that a particular parlor is overly glitzy or in appalling but expensive taste, which means that the family is nouveau riche or social climbers.

And if you were invited beyond the parlor, it meant you were considered family.
SKJAM 14th Dec 10