Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 12: Unrealistic Expectations Met By A Child

  • I feel like people are generally critical of works that they randomly liveblog, but I think I am starting to like A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. At least I do not dislike it for what it is. That might explain why I am not doing a very good job liveblogging it. I would never make a good retsupuraer either.  *

  • Still, I do think that this show loves to use the Moe Stare even if I doubt the point of it is to appeal to guys. I figure the series is pretty obviously targeted toward younger girls.

  • Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, bearman somehow becomes injured and Saga has to replace him. I think this is a bit of a cliché scenario, but I could be wrong. However, I wonder how Saga will fit in the bearsuit.

  • Saga does not want to accept the offer to replace Vincent and the guy who delivers the music seems to understand. I agree that expecting someone to randomly step in one day's notice to become a bear(wo)man is asking a lot. Sugar of course, is doing her best to help Saga study the music, well actually she just goes to bed.

  • Norma wants to go see the bear pianist again with Anne. I would think it would start getting a little repetitive after a while. Then again, they are just kids.

  • The mustache man from the first episode makes another appearance. He does not really do much besides talk about the performance, but I thought it was worth noting. The fairies want Saga to play piano too, but honestly I wonder if that even makes sense. Has Saga already memorized all of the music for the performance? I would guess so, but why would she do that if she did not plan to play?

  • So now Saga is constantly reminded of the bear pianist play, a car even drives by advertising the show right before Saga tries to practice some piano for the fairies.

  • The waiter looking guy outside of the music place explains that Vincent used to be a pianist in an orchestra and repaired the piano string he broke himself. That makes total sense to me. If he can play piano that well in a bearsuit, it does not surprise me at all that he used to be a professional pianist.

  • Vincent justifies playing the piano roughly by the fact that the audience liked it. This does not seem to sit too well with Saga, but given that it is a onetime occurrence I think she might be making a mountain out of a molehill to use a horribly cliché phrase.

  • Saga fully agrees to play the song to prove she is good enough when the top hat man says it is expecting too much from a child to replace Vincent. I wonder if this was planned from the get-go.

  • I have to feel bad for Saga here. She kind of got pressured into doing something that is kind of unreasonable to expect a kid in elementary school to do. It seems like no one around here seems to really understand that. the fairies stand watch.

  • Oh, okay, so Vincent still wears the bearsuit. Saga is just going to be playing piano in the background. I wonder how that will be made to seem believable. Also, I think this might be a time where having three fairies friends who really like to talking to you would be annoying.

  • Things start out okay for Saga. However, her music falls off of the stand after she finishes playing the first time. The fairies come in handy though and in the clutch deliver by helping her round up the sheet music. I take back what I said earlier about them.
  • Then Saga has a breakdown that I do not really understand. However, the fairies, especially Sugar, help convince her to keep going by saying they like the music a lot. If only solving all self-esteem problems were that easy.

  • Saga is missing a sheet of music yet again, but Vincent helps her out by giving her a signal which triggers her memory. By the way, Saga's grandmother is nearly crying during her daughter's performance. Oh, Sugar also uses the magic snowy flakes flute for some reason.

  • Shift to Robotnik Jr. blowing something up during one of his experiments. This seems like one of the most random scene shifts I have ever seen in this show, but I like it. I prefer for Phil to get at least a little screen time in every episode.

  • Shift to Norma talking about how the theater troupe is gone with Saga and Anne. All three of them are eating Belgian waffles. The funny thing is that Greta is also eating a waffle with her back against a tree right near where the others are talking.

  • Norma says something to the effect of "even though you are a girl you are still awesome" to the bifauxnen actress. The actress responds by kissing Norma on the cheeks, but this instantly K Os her. Yeah, I am not sure what to take from that.

  • Of course, Greta challenges Saga again, but what is more important is that the magic flower seems to be growing. That reminds me of how much I like continuity in shows. In some ways I would take a show like this with continuity over a show that is completely Monster of the Week or episodic, even if the episodic show was considered to be really good. Then again, I like Sketchbook and that series is not really all about continuing previous plot points.