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Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares
Louie W

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Episode 9: Bears Are Pianists Too
[Note: SKJAM posted the following comment: I've noticed the "Naughty Kids" subtrope in kiddie anime before; generally in a "it's fun to play, but better to come home" kind of story. Compare to the Lost Boys from Peter Pan.]

@SKJAM, It seems like a pretty good lesson to teach kids in my opinion. I mean, I think it is at least better than just telling them that playing with people like that is always bad and never fun even when that seems to not make any sense. I am interested in seeing how those characters will function later on though considering how easily they were dismissed over the course of one episode.

11th Dec '10 7:10:50 PM flag for mods
I just love how you somehow manage to mention Pigtails every blog.

I thought that the story of the bear was a tad creepy.
CaligulaSympathizer 4th Apr 12
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