Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 7: Basil And Cinnamon Are Too Spicy For Sugar

[Note: SKJAM posted the following comment in the original topic: Yeah, I felt a little sorry for Sugar when I saw her writing on the sheet music—it's clear that she's maybe 7 or 8 in human development terms, and really doesn't understand what she's doing.]

@SKJAM, Yeah, I definitely agree with you there. What I think is a bit odd is how her fairy friends, especially Pepper, seem to be calmer and more considerate than she is despite them likely being the same age. Sorry, for not responding earlier, I just wanted to make sure I actually added an episode when I did. I have not yet given up on this. I actually think it is relatively interesting.

  • What I think is a bit weird is the fact that rather than describe the previous episode, the little summary before the episode actually starts tends to just talk about season fairies. I guess that makes some sense given the target audience, but I actually think the show would benefit from having a summary of the past episodes in times like these.

  • That being said this summary does reference that Sugar left. I realize how dumb using nicknames was so I think I will start using the actual names a bit more from now on.

  • Oh okay, a flashback to the previous episode works just as well. Sue (Saga) sounded really mean. I mean, I realize the two will reunite and make up later, but I do think this is a bit depressing.

  • Well, Moe Fairy (Sugar) is homeless again. Come to think of it, where do the other fairies sleep? I mean none of them have host humans, right?

  • Sugar forgets that she can fly and then runs into "Basil" and "Cinnamon" who I guess are supposed to be cool looking fairy guys, but frankly I do not see it.

  • I guess the two cool fairy guys are going to discourage Sugar from going back to Saga. I obviously doubt they will succeed though. Meanwhile, Saga wonders why Sugar has not come back yet. Given that she said she never wanted to see the fairy again I think she should not have much trouble understanding why she left.

  • I guess the two cool guys have thunder and ice powers of some sort though I am honestly not sure about one of them. He uses symbols to harness his powers, but has this strange expression on his face as he does so (it looks similar to this). Anyway, Moe Fairy seems to be having a lot of fun even if Moe Sue is not.

  • Wow, Rival Sue (Greta) makes a crack at Saga and the rest of the class actually appears to be laughing with her. I think this is the first time that Greta has had any kind of victory against Moe Sue. "Okay, then I think we'll have Miss Greta do the textbook question. It's on page 42." Rival Sue gets told like a bedtime story by the teacher.

  • It appears as though Saga rarely forgets things given the reaction of the class when she actually does. She still calls Sugar stupid, but it seems fairly obvious at this point that she is distracted.

  • The glasses and original boy fairy find Sugar with her new buddies and she appears to have a huge clump of straw on her head in addition to paper clip earrings. She also talks kind of strangely like she is trying to be cool. You know, I think it is a bit unrealistic to expect someone to change in a day like this, but this is a show about season fairies so I suppose they are not really going for realism.

  • I probably should have figured this out earlier, but the straw is actually some of the stuff that is part of a stalk of corn.

  • Moe Sue accidentally buys one too many waffles as is the habit. This really reminds me of how in Digimon Data Squad, Thomas's butler gave him two cups accidentally when Gaomon is captured and Thomas’s memory is erased. Sorry, about that reference, I suppose that is pretty obscure.

  • Here comes another flashback to Saga's mother teaching her piano. Saga apparently says that her mother has magic hands.

  • Well, the two good fairy kids talk to Moe Sue and point out that Sugar wrote "I'm sorry, Saga" on her sheet music. I guess that gives them a good reason to make up. However, I do wonder how Sugar will get away from being part of the bad/cool fairy guy gang.

  • Here comes Robotnik Jr. (Phil) with his minions looking for ghosts. They are totally denied. The elder fairy appeared again, but at this point I think he has already just turned into a running gag.

  • Even if his pranks were unnecessary, I do think it is neat that the thunder fairy can pop corn using his powers.

  • So while Saga is wandering through this seemingly abandoned warehouse looking for Sugar she feels something weird and looks up to see that it is a giant clown statue and is reassured. Now, I do not know about you, but I doubt I would find a giant statue very reassuring. In fact, I would probably be a bit freaked out by it. What would one need such a statue for anyway? I mean it was clearly taller than a regular adult.

  • Moe Fairy's friends explain how important the sheet music was to Saga and Sugar understands. That was a simple solution. However, meanwhile Moe Sue is being tormented by electrified pieces of ice being launched at her. Robotnik Jr. and his lackeys move in to help, but the odds of them doing anything is probably not high.

  • Sugar uses her Snowball attack on the cool fairies and K Oes them. The whole situation seems to be resolved and the mischievous fairies are even going to get punished. I seriously feel bad for Phil though. He is duped into thinking that the ghosts were just a Christmas tree when there actually were fairies there. The idea that one can mistake ghosts for a Christmas tree seems pretty absurd to me personally especially for someone who seems to like supernatural stuff like Phil does.

  • The two do make up and Sugar comes back home. Sugar absolutely starts balling (and no, I do not mean the basketball kind) when Saga tells her about how her mother died in an accident.

  • The two get in a fight the next morning, but obviously it is not as serious this time.

  • It probably should be noted that it is hinted or I guess implied that Sugar is getting closer to being a full season fairy by bonding with Saga.