Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 6: Poor Communication Skills Can Mess Up Relationships

Things seem to be getting pretty serious in this episode. I originally thought this show was going to be about a moe fairy doing moe things with all of the characters talking about how cute that is. It seems I was wrong about the last thing.

  • Well, moe fairy starts out the episode by dreaming that she is a full-blown season fairy. I felt like it was pretty obvious that it was a dream so that did not really bother me. What surprised me was the fact that large waffle crumbs were by moe fairy's bed. I feel like Moe Sue's room will be swarming with bugs if she keeps that up.

  • Moe fairy shows up late for magic practice and gets scolded for it [for some reason that reminds me of Tsukasa. Anyway, I did not realize that she played a piccolo. I always thought it was flute. Regardless, of that, it seems as though moe fairy's number one goal is become the greatest snow fairy, just like her mother was.

  • Moe fairy starts bragging about her mother to Moe Sue which reminds the latter of her own mother who looks like she taught Moe Sue how to play piano. The whole "putting flowers" on a piano makes sense to me now. Moe Sue must put them there in memory of her mother. I think that is very nice of her to do that.

  • It looks like it is flashback time. Moe Sue apparently had the exact same strange button things in her hair when she was kid too.

  • This might the turning point for the two. I think Moe Sue may relate to Moe Fairy wanting to be like her mother and better tolerate the fairy. I could be wrong though, since Moe fairy is still bothering Moe Sue even during her pommel horse test at school.

  • Moe Fairy is annoyed that she is being ignored and goes off to practice somewhere else. Moe
Sue worries about her though and her worries are confirmed as the thieving crow (Joe) returns to bother Moe Fairy once again.

  • Joe ends up smashing a lot of stuff in coffee shop where Moe Sue works. Predictably, Moe Sue gets angry and yells at Moe Fairy. Moe fairy yells back and storms off. Moe Sue starts picking up shards of mugs with her bare hands to start cleaning up the place though. I am not sure that is the best idea.

  • We cut to Moe Sue at her house looking through a magazine of some kind. It seems to be a magazine that just contains pictures of deserts and the like without words. I wonder how that kind of magazine would sell, but I guess people do like looking at pudding, cakes, and stuff like that, so maybe it would sell pretty well.

  • Moe Fairy discusses the matter with her fairy friends. The boy fairy says something that I find quite logical this time. He actually tells Moe Fairy to take responsibility. Even though she is reluctant, the two try to make up.

  • Moe Sue asks what kind of person Moe Fairy's mother is. I find that question to be an odd one. I do not really know what I would say if someone asked me that about anyone I know.

  • Here I was thinking the two would make up, but that does not seem to be happening.

  • Throughout the episode, Moe Sue seems to be thinking about her mother. She keeps noticing mother-daughter combos walking down the street too.

  • The Elder's failed love letters give Moe Fairy the inspiration to write a letter to Moe Sue to help resolve the situation. However, she starts writing the letter on Moe Sue's favorite sheet music, the music that reminds her of her mother. I do not think this is good at all and honestly I find this pretty tough to watch.

  • Moe Sue is coming back in the room in a good mood. Will she explode when she sees what Moe Fairy did to her favorite sheet music?

  • Well, I was right. Moe Sue yells at Moe Fairy to get out since she never wants to see her again.

Wow, this show has a lot more drama than I was expecting. Plus, this is a cliffhanger. I seriously thought the two would resolve their differences in an episode, but that did not happen at all.