Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 5: Plantman Appears On The Scene

  • I just noticed watching the opening this time that the animation is by J.C. Staff (the same studio that did Azumanga Daioh if I remember correctly). Honestly, I think the animation has been pretty good so far, especially the backgrounds.

  • Despite how I may not be serious all of the time about what I say about the show, I actually do not think it is has been that bad. I think it is nice to see a main character (Moe Sue) act somewhat realistically to being put in a situation like this. I mean I could see a lot of people being annoyed by having a high pitched chatterbox of a fairy following him/her around all day.

  • The episode starts out with the rain fairy freaking out about it raining. Apparently, she is confused as to why it is raining when she did not make it rain. Well, I suppose the most obvious solution would be that there are other rain fairies out there.

  • Its morning again and the moe boy fairy thought a chimney was a Twinkle. At this point, this is stretching my suspension of disbelief. Seriously, why would a dark smoke filled part of a house be anything like a Twinkle. I should not blame him though since the "Twinkles" the other fairies found do not seem to be much better. It looks like they still do not really know what the Twinkles look like at all.

  • It seems as though the fairies have become a bit frustrated. Simply finding puffy-fluffy, comfy-warm, and twinkle-twinkle things is not enough. The rain fairy does not really seem to be much help though.

  • As soon as the rain fairy tells the moe fairies to buzz off, the elder appears in a flash of light. Moe fairy tries her kiss attack, but the elder thankfully blocks it with a whirlwind. I am glad someone out there is willing to stop her from kissing everything she sees.

  • So the Elder says "Twinkle" has value because you find it for yourself. That makes sense to me. I would find it pretty anticlimactic if the elder just told them where a twinkle was and they just picked it up. I wonder if they will not find one until the very last episode though. If that is the case, I wonder what the rest of the episodes will be like.

  • Yeah, this may sound a bit odd, but the elder came down to the human world in order to confess his love to the rain fairy. He fails, but Moe Sue takes him into her room so he can recover.

  • Yep, I guess every time a new season fairy is introduced we are treated to a scene in which that fairy is surprised that Moe Sue can see him/her. I would figure word would get around a bit, but I guess I am wrong about that.

  • The Elder nearly spills the beans about why Moe Sue does not seem to have the traits that a fairy-seeing person normally has. I guess if I wanted something else interesting plot wise that would be it.

  • The Elder, who slept underneath a doll's dress (and snored while doing it) quickly is ambushed by the trio of fairies after he wakes up. They swarm him until he cannot fly and he eventually succumbs and gives them a hint. It appears as though Twinkles can only be found when in the company of a fairy-seeing human.

  • Rival Moe challenges Moe Sue to a portrait making contest. While in the process of proclaiming that challenge, Moe Sue is confronted by the three fairies. She drops her art supplies as a result and begins crushing the boy fairy. I suppose that was supposed to be funny or something, but I feel bad for the fairy since he is being squeezed relentlessly. By the way, pigtails give another smart comment. She seems to be a bit of snarker.

  • The Elder keeps failing his confession attempts. He is confused why it is so difficult, but I was under the impression that that stuff was typically pretty hard anyway.

  • Rival Moe accuses Moe Sue of trying to use the same trick twice to stop her by blaming the weather. I fail to see how blaming the weather is a trick, but whatever.

  • A new challenger appears, a cello-playing cloud fairy. His name is Turmeric it seems. I had never heard of that name so it looked it up. Turmeric seems to be a plant of the ginger family that is native to tropical South Asia. It is used in folk medicine and for curry powder among other things.

  • Plantman is not able to offer any love advice to the elder. Plantman wants to focus on becoming the best cloud fairy of all time which I agree is a pretty admirable goal. The Elder thinks to himself "What a poser!" I think I would look up to Plantman more than the Elder now.

  • The Elder is causing massive weather abnormalities which in addition to making the townspeople probably fear for the apocalypse, bother the rain fairy a great deal.

  • The results of the portrait drawing contest come in and both sides seem to have drawn something that is difficult to discern. I guess the weather is to be blamed for that though. I am surprised that Rival Moe admits defeat though.

  • The Elder manages to level-up Moe fairy's "magic flower". I am glad about that, but I think some of the stuff he did was a bit odd if not creepy.

  • The end of the episode hints at some shipping junk between the rain fairy and Plantman.