Let's Watch Fairies and Moe Stares

Louie W

Episode 4: Psychic Doves and a Shining Cat

  • The part of the opening I mentioned earlier where Moe Sue randomly places flowers on a piano apparently is part of the lyrics of the opening song.

  • The glasses moe character can speak to pigeons [actually doves] it seems. I still do not understand who can and cannot see the fairies though. So it seems like it has been proven that animals can see them, but most people obviously are not able to see them. Can animals see them because they are closer to nature or something? They really are not doing the greatest job of explaining this.

  • The three fairies look to invade the school to scour it for twinkles after the doves alert them to the location of something "pretty".

  • Moe Sue and her classmates are playing basketball. Everyone is wearing a headband too, I guess to show what teams they are on. Well I would not necessarily say playing because Moe Sue and Rival Sue are just fighting for possession of the ball. The fairies distract Moe Sue and she loses control of the ball. Even though Rival Sue is able to get it, she still suffers her expected fate and gets hit in the head with the ball. She obviously cannot catch a break.

  • By the way, Moe Sue has a really strange hair style while they are playing basketball. Her hair is bunched up in the back expect for two huge strands out front. Also, for some reason she is the only one not wearing a uniform. I have a feeling that neither of these things will be adequately explained.

  • The fairies decide to play in a Chemistry lab with some kind of beaker. They have fun looking at each other's distorted image in the beaker until Glasses Moe decides to point out that Moe Fairy has a cavity.
[Nothing comes of this; I doubt it will ever be brought up again.]

  • Moe fairy tries to get the kids in a class to tell her where the twinkle is, but obviously they cannot hear her. For some reason she misinterprets them raising their hands to mean that they know where a twinkle is. This would be somewhat believable if it had not already been made known that the fairies went to school. However, it seems pretty silly once you consider the fact that the teacher asked the kids a question and they raised their hands because of it, something that I am sure was not totally foreign to the fairy world.

  • The fairies mistake a drawing of a flower on a perfect quiz paper for a "twinkle". How does that even make a bit of sense? A drawing of a flower meets none of the previously stated criteria for a twinkle. It is not comfy-warm, puffy-fluffy, or twinkle-twinkle (though I admit that last one is a bit vague). It also is nothing like that bell that they thought was a twinkle before. I hope there is more of an explanation to this because if there is not then they are just making Moe Fairy out to look dumb.

  • Just as I said, the other fairies remark how it did not fit their criteria for a twinkle. I am glad that they at least doubted that it was one.

  • As usual, Moe Sue glares at the fairies until they pick up all of the quiz papers they scattered looking for the "twinkle". The fairies are exhausted from the work that Sue puts them through.

  • This means that they eat most of her lunch later on. Sue is pretty upset at this point and argues with Moe Fairy. Basically she wants her to leave her alone. She does so, but not without stick her tongue out and saying rude things to Sue who returns the favor. They happen to bump into the grown fairy again who implies that it will rain.

  • Rival Sue tries to challenge her to soccer which is a bad idea right after you have eaten. It does not matter though since Moe Sue is right and it rains.

  • Glasses Moe is looking through books with the other fairies, but she is using her harp to turn every single page. That seems like it would get tiresome after a while. I thought the young season fairies did not have much magical power, is that not so? Anyway, that does not matter. What does matter is that Moe Fairy thinks that Sue will like her if she actually does find a twinkle.

  • Meanwhile in music class, Sue yells at Robotnik Jr. after he asks her about her psychic powers. For a Mary Sue she seems to have somewhat of a temper. I can forgive that though considering how bothersome I imagine the fairies must be.

  • The fairies search what I guess is an attic. They see two shining lights which they think are a twinkle. Nope, they are actually the eyes of a cat which they ram into and knock over. It is obviously pretty angry because its nap got interrupted. Wait, why would its eyes have been open if it was napping? The Boy fairy is able to scare it away using his trumpet heat powers though so no worries.

  • Moe Sue plays the piano upon her friends' request and makes everything better. The sun comes out again, the cat goes back to sleep, and the fairies are happy. A swarm of kids gives here applause.

  • Plot Twist. The doves actually saw a rainbow at the school. Yet, a rainbow only just appears after Moe Sue plays the piano. That means that either they saw a rainbow previously on some other rainy day or are future-seeing magical doves. The latter may be less likely, but it is pretty cool. I have never heard of psychic doves before. I mean Hoothoot and Noctowl are supposed to be owls, right? Well there are also not psychic type so I guess they are not relevant here at all anyway.

  • Poor Rival Moe, no one wants to hear her play piano because they are all distracted by the rainbow.

  • A new challenger appears, some old fairy guy.

  • Moe fairy flies in her sleep so she can rest on Moe Sue's pillow. I hope Sue does not toss or turn in her sleep because that could cause some problems.

  • I have to say that it does not look that fun to be in Sue's position. I guess when the fairies understand her better and she sees their viewpoint it will work out, but right now it just seems like an annoying situation.