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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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25th Oct '14 7:04:18 PM flag for mods

God, Grace is starting to creep me out.
Myrmidon 17th Jul 11
Re: Antennae - Why does it always, without exception, look like badly-drawn hair-thingies-which-stick-out-front-and-to-the-sides? (bangs?)

This doesn't even get fixed in the more recent strips.

Did you cover this problem? I skipped over most of the earlier liveblog installations. And most of the middle ones too.
Sabbo 18th Jul 11
Not officially, no. I tend to mentally block out the antennae. Like even now, I have trouble picturing it. I think I once questioned why a squirrel would have antenna.

I'll do a bit on it when I get the chance, if you want.
MrAHR 18th Jul 11
I do the same with her antennae... But she has DNA from 'things' with antennae, and considering this comic's mix'n'match genetic coding, I think it makes sense. In it's own way.
LongNose 19th Jul 11
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