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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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12th Jul '14 2:28:06 AM flag for mods
I'm confused; why the rehash of the first installment's introduction?
Sabbo 21st Sep 11
Because I was bored, and wanted to try something new, and the first 8 strips of this might as well have been part of a different series entirely, with the way it was written.
MrAHR 21st Sep 11
You have one comment and you think people are declaring it ruined forever? -_-

@Fan Service Panel: Those eyes don't reflect light... Only a demon could have such eyes.

@CSI: Joke, I watched CSI for a while... I honestly don't see the joke.

Racism Hooray!

More after I read more.
Smilingcloud 21st Sep 11
I just counted the second strip.

155 words. Count them
Smilingcloud 21st Sep 11
Nothing to do with this post of the liveblog in particular, but El Goonish Shive is now in the Webcomic namespace and this blog isn't attached to the article any more as a result.
MangaManiac 23rd Sep 11
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