The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



I haven't read your entire liveblog, so this might just be me whining, but I really hope you're not declaring Nanase a Sue just because she has a 4.0.
JackAlsworth 12th Aug 11
Don't bother trying to correct her; She makes mistakes all the time, and she's biased. You can't argue with someone like that. Just roll with it.
LongNose 12th Aug 11
Jack: No. It's more of bitterness. Much in the way I wank over how they're all karate masters too easily.
MrAHR 12th Aug 11
"I'm going to give my loving sister a chance to eat some cookies.... but first, I must write a note telling her not to snitch first."

And already, Nanase's sister is more interesting in my book.
Smilingcloud 12th Aug 11

I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about Nananse's sister.

And her father, for that matter.

It's like Dan just says "oh, characters established, I have a reference in the archives if I need to use them again, MOVING ON!"

I seriously had it in my head that Nananse was the only child of a single mother, and that kind of shoddy characterization is kind of unforgivable in what is ostensibly the main character of the comic.
Nerdboy 12th Aug 11
...You're completely right Nerd, but now I'm just wondering... where was her family when she was in the hospital? O-O
Smilingcloud 12th Aug 11
Imagine how I feel. I had it all planned to rant about them, but it was just like...NOPE. YOU FORGET NOW.
MrAHR 12th Aug 11
I imagine they're still sitting at that dinner table...Nananse's father gazing steadily at the empty seat, struggling in vain to figure out what's different, stabbing at the empty plate in front of him. Her sister knows the world around her has changed somehow, that her Nananse and her mother aren't there, but since she clearly has no voicebox she can't articulate to her senile father why the room seems so empty and there's no food.

Later they were eaten by a Retcon.
Nerdboy 12th Aug 11
Hmmm, Sounds plausible, It could also be Nanase and Ellen's lesbianism actually swallowing up any possible conflicting forces that could somehow downplay Lesbian angst.

I mean just think about it, She might not be able to angst as much if she had more family then her "harsh mother"

Thus, the concept of their lesbianism solidified itself and literally swallowed the both of them.
Smilingcloud 12th Aug 11

"Look out! It's the abstract concept of Lesbians, come to devour us for our sweet, tasty dramas!"

  • chomp chomp gulp*

Makes me giggle.
Nerdboy 12th Aug 11
Need more hatred. Dieing. NEED MORE!!!
LongNose 26th Aug 11