The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive




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MrAHR 5th Aug 11
Cakman 5th Aug 11
"Also, why is Sarah surprised?" — When did she ever indicate that she was surprised?
LongNose 5th Aug 11
And I ahte you both, by the way. Just wanted to let you know that, and keep you from getting the idea that reality is otherwise.
LongNose 5th Aug 11
Yes... I "ahte" you. What I MEANT to say was I "hate" you. But "ahte" works.
LongNose 5th Aug 11
104 pages of EGS Bloggitude, Are you a bad enough Nitpicker to save the president AHR and Cakman?

Only time will tell.
Smilingcloud 11th Aug 11
I need more hatred to fuel myself! Nitpick more!
LongNose 11th Aug 11
Dear sir or madame; I most heartily enjoy your "Blog" and the nitpicks therein. I have been a longtime reader of the "El Goonish Shive" web-based comical strip, but for the last few years I have continued reading out of an obstinate desire to see the damned thing through rather than any sort of continued amusement. I find it comforting that I am not alone in perceiving Daniel Shive as a conflicted, confused, under-socialized, mild sexual bigot masquerading as "progressive". I feel kudos are in order for your determined effort to catalouge the myriad tiny ways Mr. Shive shows his hand.


Also, what the hell is with Shive's cutesy dialouge? And the assumption that men are helpless against girls giving puppy dog eyes? It''s like he's a freakin' twelve year old trapped in the libido of a twenty-one year old virgin! It just...gaaaah! 12th Aug 11
Longnose— Sorry dude, I'm going to college in 9 days, and the excitement has made me rather nonnitpicky. I can't guarantee a nitpick today, but I'll make an effort to bang them out over the weekend.

70 — Oh! You make me smile! Thank you for taking the time to read! And you know, I don't know. I think it's the kawaii love of japan getting to him.
MrAHR 12th Aug 11