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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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29th Nov '14 12:58:47 AM flag for mods
For a second there I read the third point on 790 as "wang-stage".

Either you should use a different word, or I should use a different mind.
JackAlsworth 30th Jul 11
Well, you're a new face. Howdy.

The real question is, why WOULDN'T you want to read it as "wang-stage?"

It conveys the same meaning, I like to think. :P
MrAHR 30th Jul 11
So basically, Justin has no other reason to be obsessed with Elliot other than Elliot bailing him out of a fight, once?
Myrmidon 30th Jul 11
That and he looks good without a shirt on, it would seem.
MrAHR 30th Jul 11
Justin's not going to eventually dismiss this as a crush, is he?
Myrmidon 30th Jul 11
Not yet, as of this strip.
MrAHR 30th Jul 11 (edited by: MrAHR)
Myrmidon 30th Jul 11
Your continued attempts to make fun of a comic of gags amuses me. Please, continue, and ignore my mood swings.
LongNose 31st Jul 11
If it WAS a comic of gags, there would be no problem, Longnose. But he wants us to take this shit seriously.
Cakman 31st Jul 11
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