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I think we should all hope that, someday, science will allow us to go to parties where we change our genders and sexuality and then act prudish and uncomfortable as all hell about the situation.
Myrmidon 20th Jul 11
The whole pizza man thing makes no sense. Why wouldn't he assume that Tedd had a sister? Why would he immediately think "Oh, hey. That's Tedd. Crossdressing. With fake breasts."?
MrAHR 20th Jul 11
Oh. Whoops. That wasn't AHR. That was Cakman. And this is Cakman too.
MrAHR 20th Jul 11
This, however, is Myrmidon. And nothing can prove otherwise.
Cakman 20th Jul 11
"What does this contribute to the plot?" You'll never appreciate El Goonish Shive with THAT atttude. I don't really care about the plot - usually - but I enjoy the comic for its humor.
LongNose 20th Jul 11