The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



Did you really misspell 'Rogue'? Really? Ugh.
LongNose 20th Jul 11
"Something keeps drawing me back to this series. Don't misunderstand- it's nothing positive. It's a bizzare, morbid curiosity to see how far into the depths of self-pleasure Shive will fall." This is really why I continue to read this live blog, except instead of Shive, it's you. Congratulations.
LongNose 21st Jul 11
Whoops. You're right. I did misspell it. My bad.

As for your second comment, that sort of describes a lot of things about my life too.

Cakman 22nd Jul 11
The whole RPG arc felt like Shive trying to start a whole new comic.

I actually wouldn't protest that, because I sort of like the setup better than EGS. It feels like something that isn't funny right now, but might be one day.

Of course, we're probably never going to see the RPG again, are we?
Myrmidon 22nd Jul 11