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Grace's antennae continue to creep me out.

I've been getting Dominic Deegan vibes ever since I first saw Susan's male form.

Wouldn't the people at the party who are wondering what male Nanase will look like feel cheated when she walks out as some famous actor she probably has no real resemblance to?
Myrmidon 11th Jul 11
Eh, she ends up just looking like a beefy nanase anyway. There really isn't much to the poit thing.

See here.
MrAHR 11th Jul 11
Why is Grace so friggin terrified of sexuality? That whole "EW EW EW" thing just struck me as so bizarre.
Cakman 11th Jul 11
With a Charlie Brown shirt!
Myrmidon 11th Jul 11
Cakman: Because she's supposed to be an innocent adorable bubbly person. And as we all know, sex is the least innocent least adorable least bubbly thing in the world, ever.

Fear the sex. Fear it.
MrAHR 11th Jul 11
Your words enlighten me, AHR. I shall spread the word, and all shall hear, and all shall follow... Or die! The world shall live! And then die out, because no one will reproduce, I guess.

LongNose 12th Jul 11
Oh, God, so much text in these comics'... If I want to read, I'll pick up a book.
Tidal_Wave_17 2nd Aug 11