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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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22nd Aug '14 5:31:36 AM flag for mods
Susan doesn't even look like a jock. S/he looks like an unusually fit goth kid.
Myrmidon 10th Jul 11
I was playing around with whether I should mention that or not, probably should have.
MrAHR 10th Jul 11
People don't trace back their memories to explain why they think things.

I do. :/
Sabbo 11th Jul 11
Yes. So do I. But in a narrative sense, it's lazy. For example, there are people with extremely good memories, able to remember extreme details, but unless someone exhibits that trait previously it's a weak character trait. Susan was never the analyzing type until now.
MrAHR 11th Jul 11
Oi! Susan is my favorite character! Don't insult her... it...
LongNose 12th Jul 11
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