The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



yeesh. I keep forgetting how long he has some of these sub-plots going on. 5 years? REALLY? Even worse, the school uniform thing was dumb, and even he admitted it sorta ended suddenly.
BobCat 26th Feb 11
Also, it occurs to me. Wouldn't a storyline about a high school principal stumbling across supernatural weirdness at his school be MUCH more interesting?
BobCat 27th Feb 11
Most storylines in general would be more interesting than not-Hitler making a school where uniforms.
MrAHR 27th Feb 11
I accept your challenge.

Wouldn't it be less interesting if the storyline was about the not-Hitler principal deciding the month's cafeteria schedule, day by day, with Shive-esque pacing and writing?
BobCat 27th Feb 11
Well, that would have an element of mystery and surprise to it, now wouldn't it?
MrAHR 28th Feb 11