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I have a theory. What Justin won't admit is that he had sex with Melissa on their first date, because he wanted to be absolutely sure he was gay. Turns out yup, he was. The tragedy is, while he has no interest in women, he is the world's greatest lover, which is why Melissa is in denial about his sexuality and stalks him to this day.

Also, I'm surprised you didn't comment on the weird sentences used by the clerk at the DVD store. He sounds like a stereotypical Asian man. Picture him as Chinese and tell me that isn't a racist caricature.

Also, I'm surprised that Noah made his appearance this early. I thought he'd only actually been introduced, outside sketches, at some point last year/two years ago. The guy left NO impact on me. He also doesn't sound as weird in this one.

Final thought: I liked Nanase more when she wasn't an easily flustered waif. Easily fluttered waif works for some characters, but not for kickass super martial artists who were initially portrayed as assertive go-getters. I can only assume that Ellen (despite what Tedd will say later) is still pumping our pheromones that are making her feel all wonky. Which is like aerosol rohipnol, which is terrible.
BobCat 23rd Feb 11
—snerk— I like the theory, but Shive already played the sex card, with AU!Ellen
MrAHR 23rd Feb 11
... which makes Ellen the alternate universe version of Justin, not Elliot, WHICH EXPLAINS WHY HER PERSONALITY IS DIFFERENT!

BobCat 23rd Feb 11
Cakman typing this.

You know, Bob Cat, that whole sex thing actually makes a lot of sense. The "sex god" aspect is meh, but the idea that they had sex on their only date together would explain a whole lot, actually.
MrAHR 24th Feb 11
I have my moments.
BobCat 24th Feb 11