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First thought, with the mother's day strip: I didn't notice at the time, but who's in that pic? Is that Ellen and TG Elliot? Why are they different heights and sizes?

Also, going through this has been a freaking eye opener. I'd mostly forgotten a lot of these plots. And to think, I have it in writing on this website that Painted Black was the HIGH point of the series...


Actually, that's still true.

God, I was dumb in 2002.
BobCat 10th Feb 11
Thanks for the comment, I kinda wrote this review badly just to get back in the groove, and it feels good to still get some agreement with it.
MrAHR 10th Feb 11
No problem. This has been really helpful to me; see, I was shocked that nowhere online could I find this comic's badness mocked. There wasn't an equivalent to XKCD sucks, or an entry on the Bad Webcomics Wiki. So this was a godsend.

The biggest surprise was how, in retrospect, I've been dumb. For years I've wished that the focus would go back to Ted and Grace, who I thought were fun. Having reread it now...

Shivae intends for her to be cute. That expression, however, just makes me want to smash her with a brick. I'm also getting sick of her YEARS LONG "oh no history is full of awful things" kick. Y'know what this implies to me? That nobody has actually given her any guidance on the subject! They're just letting her read and read and read and read without giving context. Like, the Holocaust seems senseless until you see the idiotic psychology of Hitler and his dumbass racial theories. Grace of all people should understand that, having known her Damien! Or, I don't know, MAYBE SHE KNOWS THAT SHE WAS RAISED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO KILL PEOPLE. She shouldn't be so SHOCKED that "oh hey, people is sometimes not kind!" But no! She's just getting to be a poor little lost lamb for Tedd to comfort!

...With his penis. Which he prefers not to have.
BobCat 10th Feb 11