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Oh, Christ, that string of the face killed me.
EponymousKid 30th Jan 11
Man, this the dialog is lame. This feels like straight ripped from some generic anime. I hate characters who act this way. Suddenly, in the middle of a viscous fight, she has the dire need to save Damien. Why? So far her only emotions towards him have been fear and rage, and we got no inner monologue, or art describing a change of heart.

That doesn't mean that this can't happen, but just like Damien's villainousness, it doesn't fail in premise, but in execution. If this would have been set up probably, it would be a lot less painful and a lot less cliched. All that would have taken would be some small parts of dialog between Grace and Dr. Whatshisname, were she realizes how truly fucked up Damiens psyche is, then having her go into a murderous rage when his delusion leads to him hurting her friends, cumulating in a great Shut Up Hannibal speech, were she tells him he is so pathetic, that she actually pities him. And then Damien can have his great stage exit with the supernova thing. Because at it stands now, the question is why he even listen to Grace, when he wouldn't even do that before  t.

But no, instead we get some dumb " I don't like violence" shit from Grace. Because she is a girl and girls are gentle. You know, I think Unfortunate Implications is a horrible trope, but this comic really makes it hard not to raise an eyebrow on Shive's mental image of woman.

God, that is so bad that i seriously consider actually writing an alternate dialog for this scene.

eX 30th Jan 11 (edited by: eX)