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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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30th Sep '14 11:47:58 AM flag for mods
The 'Soong' android refers either to Data/Lore, who look like Soong when he was younger, or that TYPE of android, "fully functional" meaning "can have sex" (Data and Tasha Yar had sex while under an inhibition-taking whatzit in a TNG episode, which was in reference to one of the Original Series episodes. Data said he was "Fully functional" when Tasha came onto him.)
KendraKirai 9th Feb 11
Fascinating. In no way does that justify Susan's hypocrisy.
MrAHR 9th Feb 11
....I don't see any hypocrisy. Maybe it's just me, though...

If you mean her suggesting Justin hold out for a 'fully functional' version android boyfriend she was A) Joking, B) she didn't seem to be actually against it so much as being annoyed at whatever this little crisis was. She didn't say anything about it being bad that Tedd made himself a robot girlfriend, or even really hint that she thought that way.
KendraKirai 9th Feb 11
She constantly berates Tedd and males in general if they objectify women in any sort of way, and thinks they're shit because of it. She does the same thing, never gets called out on it, and is thus a hypocrite.
MrAHR 10th Feb 11
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