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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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1st Oct '14 2:02:26 AM flag for mods
Goggle Fox:

Strip 299: Emphasizing nearly every point against this comic.

Hate to nitpick the nitpicker, but you switched from European to American style date markings in your last post, and it was a little confusing for a second (especially since it was right after an "Update!!!" sketchbook and I was curious to know if we'd gotten to the Days Of I'll Update When I Do).
Cakman 20th Dec 10

Y'know, I actually agree with you on every point here. He's trying to give Ellen some characterization to make her a distinct character, but it's not characterization that makes a lick of sense and is buried until psuedo-fanservice. This sequence is a clear drop down in terms of writing, and no two ways about it.
Cakman 20th Dec 10

@Goggle: Oh snap. How'd I manage that goof-up? To the edit machine.

EDIT: Well, this is awkward. At Cakman's house, on his computer, thought I had logged into mine. Guess not. Havta edit it when I get home. Sorry bout that.
Cakman 20th Dec 10
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