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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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28th Nov '14 10:43:54 AM flag for mods
e X:

Great reasoning there Elliot, but did you forget that Nanase has absolutely no connection to her whatsoever? She just broke up with you a few days earlier because she doesn't actually has any feelings for you. That would make a bad person for Ellen to talk to. Also, at this point she isn't out of the closet, not even to herself, so what makes her better than Justin in term of attraction to boys? And for that, Ellen has to come to term with her existence as a being without a life, I am sure her sex life can take a beak seat for now. Yeah, Elliot, you should talk to her, because she is you, so you are the best person in the whole fucking world to talk to her. You are only own who can give her any reassurance, any acceptance at this point.

The only reason for the those two two to talk to each other is blunt shipping. If you can tell it only happens for the plot and not as a logical result of their characterization, it is bad writing. This why I don't like EGS. Almost everything concerning relationships and characterization sucks. Is Ellen her own person now, or is she Elliot in a female body? Because this last few strips tell us that she is the latter, while the comic itself treats it as if it were the former.

..and what the hell is the point of this machine, outside of making the entire arc '''completely pointless?!
Cakman 18th Dec 10

Um. I didn't realize Nanase and Ellen were being shipped together until a little while from now, the first time round…
Cakman 18th Dec 10

@e X: Thank you, e X, I was trying to think of a logical reason Nanase would not be a good idea, but for the life of me could not think of it.

@Gilphon: Well, I assumed it would be obvious judging by Justin's teasing, Nanase being a lesbian, and Ellen being the one available girl. But I went into the comic knowing full well, so I might be biased. What do you think? Do you think your judgement was the norm, perceptive, or ignorant in this case?
Cakman 18th Dec 10

Well, I certainly wouldn't say my view on it is particularly perceptive. Enough signs are there, in retrospect, that I can say Shive probably did have the ship planned at this point. But I honestly can't whether most people would've gotten it. Just… from my point of view, it hadn't yet become clear whether Nanase really was gay, or if Justin /Shive was just making jokes to that effect at her expense, and I really wasn't thinking about possible Nanase ships at all.

Certainly, if I'd gone into it with the knowledge that there was a Lesbian ship in the works, I'd have figured it out by now. So… I don't know what I'm getting at here. Just airing my thoughts, I guess.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

And I appreciate your thoughts. I don't want to make claims that are BS.
Cakman 18th Dec 10
e X:

Yes, when I first read the comic, I just thought that Elliot's reasoning why Nanase, of all people, should comfort Ellen was really blund, badly writing exposition. It felt incredible unrealistic.

The real problem here isn't the scene between Nanase and Ellen, it's Elliot's monologue! If you would cut it without substitution, it would greatly improve the scene.

Just have Nanase, searching for a bathroom, or another excuse, stumble upon a crying Grace, and just like that, the scene is a lot less narmy and a lot more subtle, shipping wise. That would have made this situation much more natural and even better in establishing and characterization, and even shipping, because she would have comforted Ellen out of her own free will instead of being ordered to do it.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

On the topic of crying guys, I am pretty sure that Tedd cries at the end of Painted Black.
Cakman 18th Dec 10












Meh. I'll do the other ten tomorrow.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

@Cakman: I wasn't trying to shock them entirely. It was more of me just kinda...I dunno. Making a non joke.

And I don't approve of making fun of tropers that do not read this blog. Much.
Cakman 18th Dec 10
Goggle Fox:

I'd forgotten about that machine. There is no reason for this machine to exist except to make everything that much more idiotic.
Cakman 18th Dec 10










Cakman 18th Dec 10
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