The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



"On the bright side, I now get to enjoy the fact that Shive's not so different traits of mine does not include my love of criticism. I don't feel guilty anymore yay!"

I don't see anything in what was posted that suggests Shive had anything to do with this; his forum mods decided it. He might not have even seen it.

I enjoy EGS myself, but except for bits that get explained way down the line, have been commented on before, or are pure Your Mileage May Vary, I haven't had much to dispute...the early art does bite. His writing ability was, to be kind, [[Understatement lacking]], and his plotting ability could definitely have used some work. Now, if you're still bitching about the art when we get up to stuff from 2009 or so, then we might have a problem. (I'm reading and replying as I go.)
KendraKirai 8th Feb 11
Ok, I just want to say-not from the EGS forums or anything, just found this-this blog is hilarious. Never been a fan of EGS.

Also, the comic of the mod that locked you.... er...

....Is it rude of me to point out it scored 4th place on Crackeds "Worst Webcomic" poll?
poshi6576 21st Aug 11