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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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The El Goonish Shive Forum Incident
Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that I set up an account on the El Goonish Shive forum and posted a link to the liveblog. Hopefully we can get some more feedback from actual fans of EGS now, since AC Drawings never combats us. :P

e X:
Are you sure that was a smart move? This liveblog is kinda nitpicky

I am fine if Cakman does that, so long as he is polite about it. No need to be painted as the bad guy because we come off as douchebags.

Uh oh. A Moderator seems to be upset with me on the other board. e X! WHY DIDN'T YOU WARN ME ABOUT THIS?!

Don't take Cakman too seriously, AC. He's mostly a troll.

Also, it appears the EGS counterpart thread got baleeted. Oh my. Cak, what did you do?

Then again, can't say I'm surprised.

All posted by AHR:

A mod named Chrysicat:
OK. We get it. To you to, the comic is worse than Sonichu. For an older reference, Dan is a worse creator than Gonterman.

You don't need to go throwing your garbage around here, where believe it or not, we aren't yet at the point of being a Deegan forum, where every last one is devoted to snark if not outright hatedom. Dan still has real fans, and you should have kept this at Tropes, preferably without telling us. Once you did, you still had no good reason to repost here. I'm going to contact Hack and request that this thread, which does nothing but stir up garbage, be locked.


Fully understandable. And I do indeed respect your opinion. With that said, though, AHR and I both enjoy the liveblog.

Though, as I said before, Chrysicat, I don't despise the series. And, when it comes down to it, I suppose a portion of me when I write the liveblog is almost playing a character. In no way do I think El Goonish Shive is even comparable to Sonichu. Sonichu is a trainwreck, that is so far away from acceptable that it becomes hilarious. El Goonish Shive, to me, at least, is a series of creative, yet poorly implemented ideas and jokes. And also as I said before- I have come to respect Dan Shive in a weird way through all this. He's definitely a talented artist, and I have been told by other people on TV Tropes that the story improves over time. I have not read it yet, of course, but I will be first to admit it if I change my mind.

In all honesty, I think your comparison is a bit unfair, as, in all honesty, AHR and I do point out when we like something. But you are entitled to your opinion. But I do intend to continue posting it here unless I receive an overwhelming response to the negative, or hear from the admins that I need to stop it. I honestly apologize if I offended you at any point. It was never my intention. My only intention of bringing it over here was so that we could get some feedback from the actual El Goonish Shive fans. I do implore you to reconsider your request to have the thread locked, but, yes, if the admins deem this thread out of line, I suppose there really is nothing I can do.

The thread got deleted, it seems. And then Cakman got this message:

Thom Khatt said: ====================================================================== I've read through your thread here and the one on TV Tropes.

I have disapproved the entire thread. At best, it's a rehash of Dan's earliest webcomic work — work from almost nine years ago. At worst, it's troll food and flame baiting.

What goes on at other websites I have no control over. But when a thread starts off with an out and out declaration of hatred towards the comic and then proceeds to find every little minor discrepancy?

Not needed here.


Well, that could have gone worse.

Goggle Fox:
...As for the mod decisions on there, meh. Expected, but I don't know what all has been said in the thread over there, and it's probably best not to dig it up.

Black Wolfe:
Yeah, I could have predicted either Thom or Lily deleting that thread when you said you created it, but you'd already created it at that time.

e X:
Honestly Cakman, you were asking for it. Any mod would have deleted that thread.

AC Drawings:
You seriously posted this at the EGS forums?

What did you think was going to happen?

Goggle Fox:
It's one of those things where, if you'd asked anyone else beforehand, they would have told you "No. You already know what that would do. Don't bother."

I find it rather hilarious that it took a whole day for this to be yelled at, not counting e X, and only until it actually ended. I am sure there is a psychological effect that has to do with it.

All posted by Cakman:

Well, I didn't just post it and say "YEAH! FUCK DAN SHIVE." Here, I'll post the intro that I gave it:

Hey everyone. Cakman here. I'm a new member to the forum, but my exact purpose for registering here was so I could get some reactions to a small project a friend and I have been working on over at TV Tropes, entitled (as this thread is as well), "The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive."

In our project, we have been going through every El Goonish Shive strip since the very beginning, and, well, describing what we dislike about them. My friend, (the actual creator of the liveblog, whose pen name is "AHR") and I, have both been greatly interested in El Goonish Shive for quite a while, though, admittedly, she had already read much more of it than I had. Going into this, I knew nothing more about El Goonish Shive than the fact that there was a girl who was stoic all the time, and there was a girl with really... Big hair. I also found the strip slightly creepy, only because, well, I always was slightly weirded out by El Goonish Shive due to the amount of... "Fetish-bait" involved with it. Basically, as I once told AHR, "El Goonish Shive wouldn't bother me if it was porn. It honestly wouldn't. Then it would be completely fine. It's the fact that it ISN'T porn that weirds me out so much."

However, given that, I was still greatly interested in embarking on this voyage with AHR, and began reading the strips along with her. I began commenting on each strip on my own around the 30th one, I believe. Basically, AHR usually comments on both the artwork and content of the strip separately, while I usually comment on the strip as a whole. We still are sort of working up a dynamic with each other, and we do both plan to review every strip in the series.

I'm posting the link here not to entice fans of EGS or as flamebait- as in all honesty, while the two of us, (Erm, especially me, I would say.) tend to be harsh on Dan Shive, reading the strips as I go along (I haven't read ahead- I just read the strips as I comment) has given me a certain degree of respect for him. He certainly doesn't seem like an [censored]- or, I would add, even just "not an [censored]." He honestly seems like a nice guy to me- in fact I'm pretty sure it was him that granted me posting privileges on the forum after I sent him an email when I hadn't been activated after a few days. And I have definitely seen- especially from the glimpses of the current comics that have crossed my eyes huge improvements in the artwork.

With that said, reading El Goonish Shive has also angered me. It has angered me greatly, at times. And... I'm sure that some of the actual fans who read it may find me to come across as a bit harsh at times- bordering on rabid frothing, I suppose. But I am greatly interested (as is AHR) to hear the reactions that you, the actual fans of El Goonish Shive, react to our... Critiquing of it. I have learned a lot from the process- including the attachment of the names Susan and Grace to the aforementioned characters. Keep in mind, once again, that I do have a certain degree of respect for Dan Shive- I just also have a certain degree of rage for him as well. Think of our liveblog as a roast- a long, plodding, occasional-hatred-spewing roast.

I'll continue to check in here, of course, and respond to any questions or comments you might have, though, if you'd like to talk with AHR, who really is the ACTUAL "owner" of the loveblog, you'll have to reply to the thread on TV Tropes. (The sign up process is a one-screen thing. You just enter a name and password and you can post. There's no email address or anything required, so it's really quick.) I look forward to hearing from you all! Thanks a bunch!

The thread on TV Tropes: http://tvtropes.org/...8lksrt5i&page=1

One-page registration for the TV Tropes Forum: http://tvtropes.org/.../knowerForm.php Oh, yes, by the way, if there is anyone on here that feels uncomfortable with going to another website, just let me know. I can repost it over here.

'Sides, AHR said I could do it.

Hindsight is 20-20, though, isn't it guys?

AC Drawings:
I need a face palm macro, stat.

How dare Cakman assume the best of people!

In all seriousness, it would have been nice to hear some criticisms from people who really did love the series. Ah well, can't always get what you want.

On the bright side, I now get to enjoy the fact that Shive's not so different traits of mine does not include my love of criticism. I don't feel guilty anymore yay!

But more seriously, Cakman was completely polite all the way through, and I could not have asked for anything more than that.

So, is it wrong to say that I am greatly enjoying Chrysicat's comic, even if it's not for the reasons intended?

11th Dec '10 11:19:54 AM flag for mods
"On the bright side, I now get to enjoy the fact that Shive's not so different traits of mine does not include my love of criticism. I don't feel guilty anymore yay!"

I don't see anything in what was posted that suggests Shive had anything to do with this; his forum mods decided it. He might not have even seen it.

I enjoy EGS myself, but except for bits that get explained way down the line, have been commented on before, or are pure Your Mileage May Vary, I haven't had much to dispute...the early art does bite. His writing ability was, to be kind, [[Understatement lacking]], and his plotting ability could definitely have used some work. Now, if you're still bitching about the art when we get up to stuff from 2009 or so, then we might have a problem. (I'm reading and replying as I go.)
KendraKirai 8th Feb 11
Ok, I just want to say-not from the EGS forums or anything, just found this-this blog is hilarious. Never been a fan of EGS.

Also, the comic of the mod that locked you.... er...

....Is it rude of me to point out it scored 4th place on Crackeds "Worst Webcomic" poll?
poshi6576 21st Aug 11
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