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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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Cakman 18th Dec 10
Goggle Fox:

I think the thing with the power levels is Dan trying to make a DBZ reference, and not realizing that you can't do that without mocking it mercilessly. Plus, the comic keeps sliding between "this r srs pltnss" and "its just a gag lol" which you should avoid doing in general. The mass discrepancy thing is just annoying to me on principle: if you're going to pretend to be scientific, don't go screwing with the law of mass conservation.

The clothing thing and the "where did Grace's boobs go" thing, I can put to Dan's need to learn his art better (it's still years ago) and to stop being weird about such things.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that I set up an account on the El Goonish Shive forum and posted a link to the liveblog. Hopefully we can get some more feedback from actual fans of EGS now, since AC Drawings never combats us. :P
Cakman 18th Dec 10
e X:

Are you sure that was a smart move? This liveblog is kinda nitpicky
Cakman 18th Dec 10
172: Actually, Cakman, I'm pretty sure she had the foresight to take her shirt off. LAST time she used this form her shirt got torn up.

174: I just have to comment here on how hilarious it is that he uses both Jeremy's and her own frikkin tails to hide her nudity. I mean, just using her own is pretty standard fare, but using the cat-lizard-monster's too? Brilliant!

Also, I'll take this opportunity to say that Jeremy is by far the most grating "character" in the comic to me. Sure, lots of them are defined by one trait at the beginning, but at least they're not defined by something as painfully stupid as "This animal is a beloved pet to one or more of the characters but is also by objective standards a horrible monster, a complete badass and possibly not something god ever intended to walk this earth". That's right up there with "Garfield LIKES TO EAT FOOD lol" as uninteresting character traits go, and it was obvious from square one that that was all there was ever supposed to be to Jeremy, even while the other flat characters showed the potential to maybe be fleshed out in later arcs. Describing Jeremy as boring is being too nice.

178: Seriously Tedd looks slightly older but that universe's Ellen/Elliot looks like she could pass as one of the main cast members' mom. Maybe it's just the nightgown. By the way, Cakman, I'll top you that; she came into the room in which she knows he's got a webcam and can probably hear him talking on it wearing her lingerie (or, well, that's obviously what the scene was meant to imply but Dan didn't feel like drawing it).
Brickman 18th Feb 11
I think Shive really REALLY wanted to show HOW different these AU's could be, and decided to ignore logic and common sense for a while.

Or at least, treat logic and common sense the same way he always has.
MrAHR 20th Feb 11
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