The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive




Strip 101
  • Because God hates you, AHR.

Strip 102
  • I dunno, I know that I would act the exact same way if someone told me they loved me. Then again, I'm a pathetic loser, so, you know, I have low standards.

Strip 103
  • You are misusing the word Godmode. You know that, right?

Strip 104
  • Nanase's break up makes more sense when you realize she has teh ghey.

Strip 105
  • Why does Mr. Verres let them do this?

Strip 106
  • Shive is not a furry, actually. In any way. Shocking, I know.

Strip 107
  • It gets worse. Soon that mouth is like, permanent.

Strip 108
  • Grace is also the woobie and the innocent fangirl service bringer. You forgot that.

Strip 109
  • You REALLY wanna fuck this up? Try bringing psychology into the mix.

Strip 110
  • I've realized something. The gang just has wayyy too many superpowers. I mean, seriously, you can only have so many before it starts to get annoying. Which it will.
Cakman 18th Dec 10
Goggle fox:

111: I think you mean the fourth panel. "C'mon breasts, pop out of my skin!"

I read this comic a long, long time ago. I have no idea why I bothered now, aside from my usual stubbornness. See a recommendation, read along, then even when you don't think you'll really like it, stick along because there might be sweet candy at the end.

But there is no candy. There's only toothbrushes and catnip. And then you realize you went to the crazy cat lady's place and you ought to've known better.
Cakman 18th Dec 10

Oh thank god we're done with the relations arc. It's only going to get better from here, folks!

Though, of course, 'better' ≠ 'good'. At least not yet.
Cakman 18th Dec 10
101, Panel 2: For some reason I cannot shake the image of Sarah having just been punched in the face so hard she hasn't yet regained the ability to think straight. It's not like her eyes are actually pointing in different directions so I'm having trouble justifying this, but that's what it looks like to me.

103: Nanase in panel one looks like she just got slimed or something.

104: Maybe she's REALLY breaking up with him because he just demonstrated himself to be the biggest jerk ever to grace comicdom? No, I'm afraid that's not actually a plausible explanation given what happens an arc or two later, but maybe it should have. Also I get that in the last panel she's not actually drawn any worse than usual, but giving her a closeup without spending more time on it makes the bad aspects more obvious.

105: I assume she's actually commenting on the fact that Grace and Ted have apparently become an item while she was gone. I mean, they've known each other less than 48 hours so I don't blame her.

107: Surprised you didn't call him on how he seems to be backpedaling with Grace's "insightful" comment you complained about earlier—he's retconned it so that as soon as it's out of her mouth Ted's like "lol that's stupid" and she's all like "Ok whatever nevermind". Also, chiming in that it should have been RIDICULOUSLY easy for him to work in the gun—he already referred to the Sarah->cat incident several times, all he had to do was have her elaborate on it once earlier and then he'd be fine. It's like he suddenly decided he wanted to use the gun earlier than he was planning to, or more like he had no plan but assumed he'd get around to the story before he got around to the gun.

Also, I'm a little annoyed at how you keep saying Grace is JUST doing the cat transformation to please Ted, when she stated outright when she proposed the idea that she thinks it might solve the problem she was trying to solve from before she even met him, namely depowering her siblings. It's just Ted's incredible luck that her goal and her percieved route towards that goal happened to involve stuff that appeals directly to all of his kinks.

But then I'm simultaneously disappointed that you didn't spend more time on the catnip. I mean wtf. He steadfastly forces himself not to look at her while she's changing, then he turns around and decides that a great way to spend the rest of the night would be giving her roofies! Recreational drug use would be shocking enough in a comic that's as careful as this about not actually showing nudity/violence/swearing/whatever, but pushing someone who doesn't know what it is to experiment with it... I think Shive must have somehow actually not made a few key connections in his mind here, must have actually not realized what he was doing and what the catnip implied. because otherwise... no, it would be out of character for Dan to have done this if he actually realized what he was saying. He's not TRYING to make Ted look like a rapist, and he's not intentionally making Ted a rapist and not realizing there's something wrong with it, he's just not making the connection between what Ted's doing and anything objectionable.
Brickman 17th Feb 11
I love my answer to this one: Blame Cakman! He is the one that did these strips! He did it for halloween! —evil laughter—


Yeah. I'll link him to it, don't worry.
MrAHR 20th Feb 11
...Damnit. You're absolutely right.
Cakman 20th Feb 11
  • Sweet, free ice cream! *eats it*

  • Yeah, I don't think Nanase really counts as a God Mode Sue. She only defeats Elliot so easily because his misguided chivalry won't let him hit a girl, even in an actual fight. Unfortunately said chivalry doesn't allow him to be honest to girls about his feelings.

  • Oh, so they were never all that serious in the first place. He caused Sarah all that grief over nothing. *laughs hysterically* What is wrong with this comic?!
  • I almost called Sarah "Grace". I'm so apathetic about this story I can't keep character names straight.

  • KITTY! :3
  • Wait, I don't care. That's what this comic has done to me.
Morgikit 23rd Jul 13
  • C'mon, AHR. What kind of furry comic doesn't have a cat in it?
  • Sarah calling Tedd a freak was a bit harsh, but I laughed a little.
  • Why is Sarah going to Grace, the lab experiment with little to no experience with the outside world and socializing, for what I suspect was going to be relationship advice? Does she have no other friends with whom to talk?

  • First panel issues:
  • Why not have Tedd give Grace a tour of the lab and show her the TF gun? Maybe even briefly show what happened to Sarah. Then she gets the idea and wants to test it out.
  • Let me check my list of deadliest predators and see what's less threatening than a guinea pig...hmm...snails?
  • It honestly doesn't bother me that she's volunteering. While it is rather suspicious that her goals line up perfectly with his fetish, so often in these stories is the transformed individual an unwilling victim that actually seeing someone volunteer is refreshing.

  • KITTY! :3
    • Sorry...>_<
  • This one didn't bother me much. As long as it keeps away the poorly done drama.

  • I like the "half-cat girlfriend" line. It used to be my signature in the forum.

  • Dammit Tedd! Stop scaring the kitty-I mean your girlfriend!
Morgikit 23rd Jul 13
  • And he couldn't think of a way to explain that without giving the poor girl a panic attack? She thought she'd be stuck in an obviously non-human form for life. And his response to her pleading for help is a flat "no". Making all the men in your comic insensitive jerks is just as sexist as making all the women brainless walking eye candy.

  • Meh, as long as her clothes don't change to a schoolgirl outfit, I'll let it pass.

  • As cool as shapeshifting is, I'm pretty sure in a fight, owning a gun would be more effective than growing claws and spines.

  • Maybe Tedd has some gender issues? Might explain the constant reminders of his undeniable heterosexuality.

  • "Why would she be angry?"
    • "RAWR! This was my favorite shirt!" Or not, seeing as it would give her an excuse to be topless.
  • And why isn't Jeremy constantly tryng to murder people? "
    • Grace made Jeremy promise only to murder cows?

Morgikit 25th Jul 13
  • D'awww

  • El Goonish Shive porn. The naughty stuff happens off screen because Dan Shive respects women dammit. So all we see is footage of people standing around and looking at each other. o_o

  • That sounds kind of disturbing.

  • I'm going to assume he didn't have sex with a drugged underage girl. Not sure what they did instead, but it wasn't that. Maybe they watched "2001: A Space Odyssey".

  • "Two-dimensional personality...not a character...just fanservice for the audience..."
  • What's wrong with flashbacks? Show us what Grace went through so we can sympathize with her. Or make a gag-a-day strip and cut out the drama bullshit.
Morgikit 27th Jul 13