The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



You know, I was going to say that it seems totally unfair for you to make fun of the first two dozen strips or so since he clearly had no idea what he was doing and got better later, and that at most you should have started when Grace was introduced... and then I looked at the "new readers" link and saw that he actually recommends people start reading from the beginning. I mean seriously. Howard Taylor used to have a thing suggesting that you skip ahead about two books to when both art and plot had hit their stride (and he still was beating Shive on both counts out of the gate), though he seems to have stopped having that, and now recommends starting at the current storyline. Dan Shive should not expect new readers to read this drivel; he should pick a point where he thinks the story really starts and write a one-paragraph summary of the stuff before that point.

That's what a "New Readers" link is for; making it so you can get new readers without them having to tolerate your shitty beginnings. It doesn't matter if you spent time on it, if it'll stop them from seeing the other stuff you clearly spent even more time on then you should be hiding it like a gang tattoo the day you're interviewing to work at the NSA. The purpose of those first comics was to learn to draw and write, not to show off, dummy.
Brickman 16th Feb 11
Oh Brickman. Oh Brickman, Brickman, Brickman.


Cakman 1st Aug 11
I don't like any of the three characters in these strips. I have a great admiration for the female form, but what kind of guy walks up to a girl and tells her to strip to prove she's not a prude? And while her anger is understandable, Sarah's reactions are a tired cliche from comedy anime that's a bit disturbing.
Morgikit 1st Mar 13