Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Endgame Preparations

Hey guys, today we're getting ready for the Bonus Boss. He's tough. As in "summon rushing is a fair strategy" tough. But there's always the chance we can do this without being horribly massacred.

First we Retreat out of Anemos Inner Sanctum and Teleport to Yallam. No luck on an Excalibur, so I'm going to have to grind Orihalcons for it.

Now, we have a few different ultimate weapons to pick up. For Sheba and Mia, we'll go with the Lachesis' Rule. 177 Attack, and it's Unleash is Apocalypse, a Jupiter elemental attack that adds 125 damage and inflicts Death Curse. We can get those from Mad Demons in the Anemos Inner Sanctum.

"But, SCM," you may say, "most items have a drop rate less than 1.5%! How are you going to get two of the same item without dying of boredom?"

Well, those people clearly didn't read my LP of the first game, where I pointed out you can get anything you want by rigging that enemy to appear in the first battle after restarting the game, then chewing through a certain number of moves (usually four muti targeting attack spells, one multi target heal and a Djinn unleash of the same element the target is weak to) will guarantee that item drop. It's quite easy once you know how the game chews through the pseudo-random number generator. It is a bit different in this game though, as the RN for the encountered enemies seems to have changed a bit.

(I can explain this in more detail, but I'll only do so if asked. It takes a while more than I want to spend on this update.)

For Jenna and Ivan, the ultimate weapon of choice is the Tisiphone Edge. 178 Attack, and it's Unleash, Vengeance, adds 71 damage converted to Venus and may randomly double or triple the damage. This one is gotten from the Cruel Dragons at the Islet Cave.

For Garet, Piers and either Isaac or Felix (the one who doesn't have the Sol Blade), it's the Excalibur. 180 Attack, and its Unleash, Legend, adds 73 damage converted to Jupiter and randomly triples the damage done. It's a 5% chance from forging Orihalcons, which drop from Sky Dragons in Anemos Inner Sanctum. We want 3 Excaliburs, so hopefully we can get all three using 60 Orihalcons. Well, we'll find out.

I get one after 35 Orihalcons. Getting really annoyed at the forge rates (The next 23 weren't Excaliburs, of course) , I use Save Scumming to get the remaining two Excaliburs.

...Of course, this would be a lot less annoying if I COULD ASK FOR THE DAMN THINGS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

For armour we again have a few different things to get. For Felix, Isaac and Garet (Piers has the superior Valkyrie Mail) we have the Xylion Armor. 50 Defence and 12 Attack. Those are gotten from Orihalcons, so we got all we need from trying to get the Excaliburs.

For Jenna, Sheba, Ivan and Mia, we want Mythril Clothes. 49 Defence and 15% added to the critical/Unleash rate. This is forged from Mythril Silver (which is dropped from Soul Armies at the Yampi Desert Cave), at a 20% forge rate so it's a lot less annoying. That and I already have one.

The gloves/shields are already taken care of, as they're both forged from Orihalcons. For Felix, Piers, Isaac and Garet, we have Cosmos Shields. 49 Defence and raises all 4 Resistances by 20. For Jenna, Sheba, Ivan and Mia, we have Big Bang Gloves. 47 Defence and 40 Mars Power.

For headgear, we have to get all of them from drops. Felix, Piers, Isaac and Garet get the Gloria Helm. 49 Defence and regenerates 10 HP a turn. It's dropped from the Aka Manahs at Mars Lighthouse.

Sheba, Ivan and Mia (Jenna already has Alastor's Hood, which is a bit better) get Berserker Bands. 46 Defence and 15 Attack. We can get those from Drujs in Islet Cave.

Finally, we have to level up to make the Bonus Boss remotely fair. Level 54 will do. We're gonna do that at the Islet Cave because of the Wonder Birds.

Now, that's all. Normally, I'd post my stats and what have you, but, well, I haven't finished my Level Grinding yet. I just wanted to have something posted so that it wouldn't look like this has been abandoned or anything. I'll see you guys when I reach the target level.


Progress report: My characters are at Lv 51. Sorry for taking so long, I expected to get this LP done before I started uni, but, well, that hasn't happened, has it? And that's now why there's weeks between updates.

On the plus side, when I'm ready, the final two parts should be able to be done in one day.
SomeColorMage 28th Mar 11
Okay, I can now say that barring something unexpected, the finale should be this weekend. See you then.
SomeColorMage 29th Mar 11