Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Anemos Inner Sanctum

Hi guys, one more Bonus Dungeon to go! First as usual, Djinn setup. Sheba and Jenna remain the same (although with a few Djinn changed because I forgot that they stayed the same), Felix becomes a Chaos Lord, Isaac becomes a Master, Mia becomes a Guru, Ivan becomes a Wizard, Garet becomes a Master and Piers becomes an Oracle.

Second, also as usual, is Yallam. The Rusty Axe becomes the now useless Viking Axe, the Star Dust becomes a Luna Shield and the 4 Sylph Feathers become a Floating Hat, a pair of Aerial Gloves, and 2 Faery Vests, all useless.

Our destination for today is Contigo. There's a Teleport circle in the middle of town, but first we use Reveal at the main entrance of Anemos Inner Sanctum to get a Dragon Skin I forgot about earlier.

We then use Teleport to get into the main part of the Sanctum. There are 72 small circles in here, 18 for each element. As we get near them, each one lights up. When all 18 of one element light up, a ball starts glowing near the door.

(If it isn't obvious, you need all 72 Djinn here. Didn't transfer at least 24 from the first game? Too bad!)

Once all 4 balls show up, the door opens and we can enter the hardest dungeon of the series.

We encounter a summon tablet straight at the beginning. As we approach it, a voice is heard.

We inherited the power of the land to create a great darkness. If you crave this power, attack the slate!

There can be no possible downside to this.

Felix can now summon Charon!

For 8 Venus and 2 Jupiter Djinn, Charon attacks at 500 Venus power, plus 30% of the target's Max HP, may inflict instant Down, and raises the user's Venus Power by 100 and Jupiter Power by 30. Graphically, he shoots a flood of darkness at the enemies

Anyway, the enemies down here are very powerful and each one gives lots of experience. The Islet Cave would still probably give more average experience per battle because of Wonder Birds, but I believe the encounter rate is a bit higher here. We also get the chance to win Golem Cores and Orihalcons from enemies here.

So, we go downstairs and take the westmost route we can. There's a block with a person sketched onto it here, and when we take a step, it copies our movement (mirroring horizontal movement). We have to navigate this block to a button while avoiding pits to open the next door.

We follow the path and find a room with 7 circles on the floor. We walk over all 7 lights to activate an elevator that takes us up a floor.

In the next room we head to the northwestern point and go down two floors. On the path, we go down another floor and find some Dark Matter. We then encounter a room of cracked tiles and another one of those elevators that need the lights turned on to activate. We carefully navigate the room and head up a floor.

We then go down a floor again and find a big room, with a boulder in the middle we have to Lift to get to different sections. We take the south path first. It leads to another one of those stones, but to clear this one, we have to get it stuck behind a small stone so we can get past some holes. We can then move a pillar into position for later.

We then head back to the boulder and take the north path. This allows us to move another pillar into position. Back to the southern section and we can Move the third pillar there and open a path to a fourth pillar which we then Move onto a switch to open a door in the western section where we started all this part of the dungeon.

Yeah. Multiple puzzles combining into one huge puzzle. Shit just got real.

Downstairs again, and west again. Another one of those stones, and it's tricky. Afterwards, we go down another floor and find the last Orihalcon we don't have to grind for.

Back upstairs, we head east. There's a square of cracked tiles between the different sections here, so if we go the wrong way, we'll end up falling down. From the start in the south, we head west. From there, we then go to the far east and Move a pillar out of the way for later. We then cross the tiles from the north path to the east. We use Sand to get to the end.

There's one more puzzle here, but completing it forces us into the fight with the Bonus Boss, and I'm nowhere near ready. How will I get ready? Well, that's what the next updates for! See you then.


Isaac: Lv 46 Master (4 Ma, 5 J) HP:964 PP:308 Attack:678 Defence:303 Agility:416 Luck:10

Jenna: Lv 46 Ronin (5 V, 4 J) HP:1071 PP:236 Attack:556 Defence:342 Agility:331 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 46 Wizard (2 J, 7 Me) HP:860 PP:338 Attack:470 Defence:313 Agility:453 Luck:25

Mia: Lv 46 Guru (7 Ma, 2 Me) HP:790 PP:351 Attack:485 Defence:316 Agility:343 Luck:28

Ivan: Lv 46 Wizard (2 J, 7 Me) HP:790 PP:387 Attack:447 Defence:312 Agility:383 Luck:27

Felix: Lv 46 Chaos Lord (2 V, 7 Ma) HP:998 PP:204 Attack:589 Defence:337 Agility:372 Luck:5

Piers: Lv 46 Oracle (7 V, 2 Me) HP:833 PP:280 Attack:520 Defence:324 Agility:369 Luck:15

Garet: Lv 46 Master (4 V, 5 J) HP:982 PP:256 Attack:576 Defence:331 Agility:414 Luck:8


RNG abuse and finally getting an Excalibur, ahoy!
AweStriker 6th Mar 11
Yep. I think I'll be going for 3 Excaliburs (One each for Garet, Felix and Piers). I could get a Darksword for Garet but it's unleash isn't as good.
SomeColorMage 7th Mar 11
Starting work on next update now.

EDIT: Quick status update: I'm currently grinding out Orihalcons to get my Excaliburs. I've currently got 37. I think I've taken killing Sky Dragons to an art form.
SomeColorMage 10th Mar 11 (edited by: SomeColorMage)