Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Treasure Isle

Hi guys, two more annoying dungeons to go! First thing to do, again, is the Djinn setup. Sheba becomes a Wizard, Felix becomes a Conjurer, as I'm one Djinn short of my setup for this area, Jenna becomes a Ronin, Piers becomes a Guru, Ivan becomes a Warlock, Garet becomes a Chaos Lord, Isaac becomes a Paladin and Mia becomes a Pure Mage.

First stop is of course Yallam. The Mythril Silver becomes some Mythril Clothes, the Dark Matter becomes more useless Stealth Armour, and the Orihalcon becomes...

A Millenium Helm.

SERIOUSLY. EXCALIBUR. NOW. There is only one Orihalcon I don't have to grind for left and I want my damn Excalibur! Actually, I want 4 damn Excaliburs!

For our next dungeon, we Teleport to Champa then fly around the east of Angara and head north to an island surrounded by rocks. There's a small opening in the north (We can't fly straight in, the rocks are too high) we go into and find a cave.

This is Treasure Isle. The start is pretty much nothing but empty chests, but then we step on a button and huge pillars shoot up and stop our progress. We, however, have Grind, so we can bring the pillars back down and use them as stepping stones. We have a few puzzles around this. the third room of these puzzles has us pick one path, and if we go via the path on the right, we can go back and use the other two pillars to reach a Jester's Armlet. We then follow the lower path in the next room to get to some chests near the first puzzle we couldn't get to before, including Star Dust, a Sylph Feather, a Rusty Axe and a Cookie. Garet gets the PP boost.

Also on that lower path is a Mimic, which I ridiculously overpower to the point of killing it in one round, because this part of the dungeon is for end of Eastern Sea level parties. We get some Power Bread for winning. Mia gets the HP boost.

We now head downstairs into the endgame section of this dungeon, blocked off by a boulder we use Lift on. The path leads us straight to an Iris Robe, one of the better robes in the game.

In the next room, we use Lift to go up the middle path, climb up to the higher part of the room, and jump around to a Jupiter Djinn, who fights us. We, as usual win, and so we get the final Djinn in the game...

Felix found the Jupiter Djinni Gale!

Gale gives 19 HP, 5 Agility and 3 Luck. In battle, it has a chance to instantly remove a target from battle (I believe the chance is calculated with the accuracy of a status ailment, i.e. it won't work if the target's Luck is too high) and if it fails, does a Jupiter Attack plus 60 damage. A removed enemy will not reward any EXP or Coins, however.

With every Djinn available, we make Felix into a War Adept, and if we want, can now go straight to the final Bonus Dungeon. But we still have a boss and summon here to take care of.

Over on the other side of the screen, we find a Fire Brand, which is an excellent Long Sword, although it still doesn't compare to the Sol Blade.

Now to get through this room properly, we Lift the bottom right, top right, and bottom right boulders and climb up to the upper layer, then take pretty much the only path we can go.

We follow that path north and reach the end of the dungeon. First however, we grind up to level 46, mainly to spread out the grinding for the last Bonus Boss, but the extra power is nice against this one too. One of the enemies drops Sylph Feathers, so I end up getting a few of those too.

46 is one of the more important levels in the game, as we get access to Pure Wish. 400 HP restored to all party members for 20 PP. That's obscenely powerful for a multi target heal. For comparison, to restore 400 HP to someone using single target heals costs about 16 PP. Sheba, Mia, Piers and Isaac all learn Pure Wish at level 46.

Mia also learns Spark Plasma at level 46.

When we head towards the summon tablet, we see some guy wearing his Robe and Wizard Hat blocking us.

I am the guardian of water. If you would claim my power, you must prove your worth.

Cue Saturos's battle theme and we're put up against the Star Magician. The Star Magician is pretty weak compared to the other bosses, attacks twice with high level elemental spells, and is weak to Mars. His main gimmick is his four balls. He has one for each element and if one falls, he'll later call a new one of a random element with Mystic Call.

In order of "Oh, Crap!, kill it!" factor, there's the Mercury elemental Refresh Ball that casts Earnest Ply (which is the same as Pure Ply in every way), the Venus elemental Guardian Ball that protects Star Magician from damage, the Mars elemental Angry Ball that kills itself for some high damage and the Jupiter elemental Thunder Ball that uses crap Jupiter spells.

In other words, target Refresh Balls, then Guardian Balls, then the Star Magician itself. The Angry Balls will take care of themselves and nobody cares about Thunder Balls. Nobody. We also need to keep Magic Shield/Resist up or the potential six multi target spells directed at us per turn will pretty much kill us. Even if four of them are from Thunder Balls. I use Isaac, Jenna, Sheba and Mia.

Another thing about the Star Magician is that you get a lot of experience because of Mystic Call. My battle got eleven and a half thousand EXP from him.

After the magician falls, we look at the summon tablet where he once stood.

Felix can now summon Azul!

For 4 Mercury and 3 Venus Djinn, Azul attacks at 330 Mercury power plus 21% of the targets Max HP and may inflict Stun. It then raises the user's Mercury Power by 100 and Venus Power by 60. I have no idea what goes on during this summon, something to do with a blue dragon... sea serpent... thing blowing a golden bubble. Or something.

Well, that's three down, next time, we start after the most ridiculously hard boss in the game.

Also, sorry for taking so long. The last... I think it'll probably be 4 updates, won't come very quickly either, I'm afraid.


Isaac: Lv 46 Paladin (4 Ma, 5 Me) HP:968 PP:277 Attack:640 Defence:348 Agility:283 Luck:15

Jenna: Lv 46 Ronin (5 V, 4 J) HP:1071 PP:235 Attack:540 Defence:354 Agility:336 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 46 Wizard (2 J, 7 Me) HP:860 PP:338 Attack:470 Defence:313 Agility:453 Luck:25

Mia: Lv 46 Pure Mage (4 V, 5 J) HP:793 PP:410 Attack:494 Defence:305 Agility:318 Luck:37

Ivan: Lv 46 Warlock (5 Ma, 4 Me) HP:785 PP:374 Attack:487 Defence:310 Agility:372 Luck:22

Felix: Lv 46 War Adept (2 V, 7 J) HP:946 PP:287 Attack:517 Defence:330 Agility:413 Luck:10

Piers: Lv 46 Guru (7 Ma, 2 Me) HP:836 PP:268 Attack:523 Defence:358 Agility:380 Luck:15

Garet: Lv 46 Chaos Lord (7 V, 2 Ma) HP:978 PP:186 Attack:574 Defence:329 Agility:355 Luck:9

Djinn: All 72


Just out of curiosity here, since I already beat him, but where do the Ghoul and Death Balls fall in the "Oh Crap, Kill It With Something" order in Dark Dawn?
AweStriker 28th Feb 11
Ghoul Balls rank slightly lower than the Refresh Balls, as they seriously wreck your stat boosts from Djinn, and Death Balls are below the Thunder Balls, as instant kill stuff has ridiculously low accuracy.

I'll try to work on my next update tomorrow. No promises on when it'll be up though.
SomeColorMage 2nd Mar 11