Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Yampi Desert Cave

OK, one Bonus Boss down, three to go. First, we change our Djinn setup again. Sheba becomes a Dark Mage, Felix becomes a Paladin, Jenna becomes a Master, Piers becomes a Warlock, Ivan becomes a Conjrer, Garet becomes a Paladin, Isaac becomes a Disciple and Mia becomes a Warlock. For once, I have no reason to go to Yallam for once, so we Teleport to the town nearest the Bonus Dungeon, Alhafra.

Into Yampi Desert we go! We use Sand to climb up the leftmost sand waterfall in the section nearest Alhafra and follow the path to the Yampi Desert Cave. There's a chest right at the entrance. Oh boy, this is definitely a Mimic...

Huh, it's just a Water of Life. For once an easy chest that doesn't try to kill us. We then follow the path to a Teleport circle. We then go north, then use Sand to get to a pillar we Burst open to reveal a door to the next room. We follow the path past some pillars we push away and Scoop up some Mythril Silver. Following the path, we reach a pillar that we Move into position for later, then head south to some Dark Matter and a pillar rolling puzzle.

On the way to the puzzle Mia reaches level 41 and learns Psy Drain. I have the Lure Cap on in here, as I would like to reach level 42, which is ~150 killed enemies away.

To solve the pillar rolling puzzle, we have to use Sand to get behind the pillars we need to roll. We then go Move a pillar into position for later. He head down a couple of rooms and find an Orihalcon, then continue on. We're back in the first room after the Teleport. We take the path we took earlier, but in the next room immediately take the stairs down to the second pillar we Moved earlier.

There's something in the sand here, but it's moving too fast. We use Halt to stop the thing from moving then Scoop it up. It's a Venus Djinn, who fights us. We win, like we always do.

Ivan found the Venus Djinni Crystal!

Crystal gives 10 HP, 5 PP and 2 Defence. In battle, it restores half of each Adept's HP to everyone in the active party.

With Crystal, Ivan becomes a Dark Mage, and we're now one Djinn short of a full set.

We continue north, and Move another pillar into position. We can now use the path created from the first pillar we Moved to get to the end. Still about 40000 experience away from level 42, we do some Level Grinding.

Once we reach level 42, we head for the summon tablet. The boss we're after is right in front of it.

I am the guardian of fire. If you want my power, prove yourself in my crucible of flame.

GS 1's boss theme starts, and we fight Valukar. Valukar's big gimmick is Djinn Stun and Crucible. Djinn Stun forces 1 Djinn per person into standby and Crucible summons them. It attacks twice, which allows it to do the dick move of putting Djinn on standby and instantly summoning them. He can stun, but that's not very important. It's stong against Mars and weak to Mercury, but that doesn't matter. Why? The thing is encouraging us to summon spam! Screw my no summon rule, they want me to do this.

We defeat Valukar, and we then approach the tablet behind where it was.

Felix can now summon Daedalus!

For 4 Mars and 3 Venus Djinn, Daedalus attacks at 100 Mars power plus 7% of the target's Max HP, then increases the user's Mars Power by 100 and Venus Power by 60. Not impressive? Well, at the end of the next turn, it attacks again at 250 Mars power plus 15% of the target's Max HP, and ignores enemy position when determining damage.

So, we've taken down the hard hitter and the easy one. Now, we have to go after the annoying one! That's next time.


Felix: Lv 42 Paladin (4 Ma, 5 Me) HP:902 PP:249 Attack:539 Defence:347 Agility:279 Luck:18

Garet: Lv 42 Paladin (4 V, 5 Me) HP:916 PP:216 Attack:524 Defence:360 Agility:267 Luck:16

Jenna: Lv 42 Master (4 V, 5 J) HP:950 PP:252 Attack:550 Defence:312 Agility:397 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 42 Dark Mage (5 V, 4 Me) HP:816 PP:313 Attack:487 Defence:305 Agility:401 Luck:17

Ivan: Lv 42 Dark Mage (5 V, 4 Me) HP:742 PP:385 Attack:469 Defence:305 Agility:321 Luck:17

Mia: Lv 42 Warlock (5 Ma, 4 J) HP:725 PP:298 Attack:464 Defence:294 Agility:406 Luck:21

Piers: Lv 42 Warlock (5 Ma, 4 J) HP:780 PP:282 Attack:474 Defence:327 Agility:385 Luck:8

Isaac: Lv 42 Disciple (4 Ma, 4 J) HP:806 PP:264 Attack:614 Defence:274 Agility:360 Luck:9

Djinn left: 1 Jupiter

Those stats really show how overpowered the Sol Blade is, Isaac is a tier below the others and he's still beating them all in Attack


Just so you guys know, I am working on the next update, but from here on, I have quite a bit of grinding to do. I'm about... 10 levels away from where I'll be at the final update. I think. Next update SHOULD be tomorrow, but that's not a guarantee.
SomeColorMage 22nd Feb 11
Status update: I'm halfway through the grind for the next update, may be done today, I don't know. Also, I corrected a mistake in an earlier update: One of the Bonus Bosses doesn't require Teleport, it requires Lift instead, so I just corrected that.
SomeColorMage 23rd Feb 11