Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Mars Lighthouse

So, we're now at Mars Lighthouse. This is gonna be big.

...Wow, the ice has really taken a liking to this place, it's half frozen! You'd think the place where the raw power of fire is sealed would have a heating system.

Right at the start, we climb up to one of those elevator shaft thingys and find an Apple. Sheba gets the Attack boost.

We enter the lighthouse and almost immediately find a Mimic. This one gives us a Cookie. Isaac gets the PP boost.

From the first room, there are three doors, but one's blocked by all the ice. We start by taking the path on the right. It takes us to the other side of the ice wall. The path eventually leads to a dead end one floor up. Theres some ice here that links to a sheet below that we had to pass earlier. It won't melt, but maybe we can do something else to it. Grind actually works on it, and cracks the ice on the lower floor. We backtrack to the crack and Burst it open.

There's a strange circle in the room we just opened up. There's also similar circles in Contigo and that place at the end of the trading sequence. For now, we head west. In the westmost room in this section, we have to Move a statue across to shield us from heads spitting flames at us.

We can then head down a floor to... Frictionless Ice. Yay. After navigating the field, we use Blaze to activate a dragon statue. It shoots a fireball that cracks a sheet of ice. Like the last time, we now have to go and Burst it open. Nothing in that room but another circle (that we have to Reveal) though. So we take another exit neat that door and activate another dragon statue which clears a ton of ice out of our path. At this point, Isaac's party finally starts to catch up on levels. I'm still 3 behind where I want to be, though.

The path here is pretty damn linear, but we can still do a small sidetrack to find an Orihalcon. The next room is interesting. We have to Pound a bunch of pillars away so we can run up the room and dodge the massive fireballs a dragon statue is shooting at us. Another ice sliding puzzle is next, but for this one we have to Move a statue beforehand so we have a path through. Upon finishing this bit, we find a Mercury Djinn, which we fight and defeat.

Isaac found the Mercury Djinni Balm!

Balm gives 13 HP and 4 PP. In battle, it attempts to revive all Downed Adepts in the current party, with a success/heal rate of 60%

Isaac can now become a highest tier class, the Protector.

Following the path takes us to the Teleport Lapis. Teleport activates those circles, and also allows you to instantly warp to any town on the world map. It's a lot better than our ship, which drains way too much PP.

We immediately use Teleport to get out of that section of the room. We're back in the room before the first ice sliding section. We go back that way, because now we can use the Teleport Circle that we have to Reveal first. It takes us to about where we found the Orihalcon, but on a higher elevation.

Felix reaches level 36 and learns Nettle.

On the path, we find the Valkyrie Mail, a nice piece of armour that raises evasion and criticals. We continue by sliding down a notch and we accidentally hit a switch which starts one of those flaming heads moving. We have to navigate a small maze before the hear reaches the end, or it activates a dragon statue that knocks us away and we have to start it all over.

This takes us to a teleporter, but it's a trap. A dragon statue next to it will knock us away on the other end. We have to walk there and disarm the trap by Moving a statue in the way before using Teleport.

The next big room is a combination jumping and ice puzzle. Jumping onto the ice directly from the start causes us to slide off, so we have to go around the side and jump from over there. Doing it right gets us the Sol Blade!

The Sol Blade is the Infinity +1 Sword of the Golden Sun series. Only Venus Adepts can equip it (So in this game, Isaac and Felix), has a ridiculous Attack power of 200, which is only beaten by one cursed weapon, and it's unleash is Megiddo. Megiddo has the user jump into the sky and smash a big burning ball of... something into the target enemy for TRIPLE DAMAGE, converted into Venus. I give it to Isaac, as he needs the Attack power more than Felix.

We follow the path a find two yellow dragons frozen in the ice. I don't want to do anything here yet, I want to grind to level 38 first.

Isaac learns Nettle at level 36, Garet learns Punji Strike at level 36 and Ivan learns Psy Drain at level 36.

On the very last battle of my grinding, I also get a Clotho's Distaff. Clotho's Distaff isn't the best staff in the game, but is pretty damn close, and can be used as an item to cast Pure Ply.

With our levels up to what I want them to be, we use Blaze to activate two dragon statues at once, cracking the ice the yellow dragons are held in. We then cast Burst, freeing the two dragons, who then fight us.

These two are called the Flame Dragons. There's a big one and a small one. The bigger one is more physical oriented and can stun. It can also try to stop someone from taking their turn, but is too slow to ever pull it off. The smaller one is more Psynergy oriented, can heal, can use Break, and can force Djinn onto standby. They are, of course, strong against Mars and weak to Mercury. You know, this description sounds kinda familiar...

After defeating the two, which takes ages, the two dragons transform into... Agatio and Karst. Well, who didn't see that coming?

Agatio: Why... Why am I lying here?

Because I just kicked your arse a second time.

Agatio: Wait, I think I remember... We were going to light the beacon...

Karst: But the lighthouse was frozen. We wandered lost inside, trying to find the aerie... We must hurry... If we delay, Prox is destroyed.

Agatio: It's no use... I'm absolutely drained... I can't even stand.

Karst: And the cold... Why am I so cold? We of the Fire Clan are meant to be immune to the cold...

Agatio: I feel the cold too, Karst... I... I'm afraid we're going to die up here...

Good. I hate you. Just give us the Mars Star. They try to explain what happened.

Agatio: The eye... It told us that we lack the will to go any farther.

Karst: The eye... I remember now... I felt its gaze poerce me to the core, then all went black...

The eye?

Oh crap, the eye! I think I know what did this.

Agatio nicely hands over the Mars Star now that he's nearly dead. A dragon statue then starts talking.

You who hold the star, open your heart and listen... If you wish to reach the heavens, give your star to me.

No, we're not planning on climbing THAT high, just to the top of the lighthouse is fine. Should probably just pop the star in there for a second anyway.

With that, most of the ice melts, replaced by the lava all fire dungeons are required to have. Hey, we found the heating system!

We head back to the first room and use Blaze to melt the ice in here, and then open a big sheet it cracked using Burst. We follow that path to a Mars Djinn that fights us.

Sheba found the Mars Djinni Fugue!

Fugue gives 11 HP, 4 PP and 2 Defence. In battle, it damages each enemy for roughly 19 PP, dependent on Mars Power and Resistance.

With Fugue, Piers reaches a highest tier class, the Warlock.

We head upstairs and reach another dragon statue.

You who hold the star, open your heart and listen... If you wish to scale the heavens, set the four spirits aflame!

In other words, complete four challenges, each one based on a different element. Each one also has some silly text on how each element belongs to a certain species. I think I know a good order to do these...

Fish... With cold courage, they ruled the water.

The path takes us to the southwestern tower of the lighthouse. After an ice sliding puzzle, we reach some pipes similar to those in Mercury Lighthouse. Although these ones reroute fire, not water. Solving that activates a point where we can use Blaze to activate a dragon statue which removes most of the obstacles on the ice field. We then cross the ice field to the west and use Blaze to activate the fish symbol.

Mankind... With the power of wisdom, they ruled the earth.

This path takes us to the northeastern tower, where we have to use Move to get into the main room and try to not accidentally Move a statue out of the way of one of those flamethrower heads. In the main room, we have to use Carry to complete a path we can then push a block ovver to block a flame thrower. We then have to cross a few flamethrowers, hiding from them by using Sand. We then activate the man symbol with Blaze.

Bird... On the wings of truth, they ruled the winds.

I think you need a plural there. This one is the northwestern tower. We head into the main room using those Cyclone teleporters and Move a statue to disarm a trap which allows us to take a different teleporter in. We're pretty much just following a path with frequent use of Cyclone here. The path allows us to comlete a Hover circuit, which we then use to go over a flamethrower. The Cyclone teleporter we reach this way puts us right in the path of a dragon statue spitting fireballs at us. We get past it, and use Blaze to activate the bird symbol.

Dragons... Burning with might, they ruled the fires.

Last one. The southeastern tower starts with us finding Alastor's Hood outside, a nice piece of armour that can be used to inflict Haunt. Here, we use Burst to get into the main room. We activate a flamethrower to light a torch that we Blaze to activate a dragon statue that cracks another section of the wall. We Burst that section open and proceed to a pipe puzzle. We have to move pipe pieces around to create an opening to the exit while avoiding flame throwers attached to the pipes.

While solving the puzzle, Jenna and Sheba reach level 39 and both learn Psy Drain.

With that done, we use Blaze to activate the dragon symbol.

With all four parts done, we go back to that dragon statue that was talking to us before.

You have proven you worth! The heavens await you!

The statue summons a Teleport pad. However, I don't want to take it. Why? Because with Teleport, I now have four bonus dungeons to take care of! See you next time.


Piers: Lv 38 Warlock (5 Ma, 4 J) HP:717 PP:243 Attack:460 Defence:312 Agility:369 Luck:16

Isaac: Lv 38 Protector (2 V, 7 Me) HP:815 PP:245 Attack:558 Defence:309 Agility:253 Luck:13

Ivan: Lv 38 Dark Mage (5 V, 4 Me) HP:690 PP:355 Attack:456 Defence:292 Agility:309 Luck:15

Mia: Lv 38 Guru (7 Ma, 2 Me) HP:676 PP:265 Attack:446 Defence:303 Agility:353 Luck:19

Garet: Lv 39 Master (4 V, 5 J) HP:874 PP:230 Attack:510 Defence:301 Agility:370 Luck:10

Sheba: Lv 39 Druid (6 V, 2 J) HP:676 PP:265 Attack:431 Defence:280 Agility:333 Luck:19

Jenna: Lv 39 Conjurer (2 Ma, 6 J) HP:756 PP:244 Attack:436 Defence:289 Agility:316 Luck:8

Felix: Lv 39 Templar (4 Ma, 4 Me) HP:750 PP:225 Attack:483 Defence:307 Agility:238 Luck:16

Djinn left: 1 Venus, 1 Jupiter, 1 Mercury


"Felix reaches Level 3"

Wow, what did you do to him?!
AweStriker 13th Feb 11
Arg. Thanks for pointing that out, I've really got to look over more than using a spellcheck when posting these.
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